Senin, 3 Zulqaidah 1439 / 16 Juli 2018

Senin, 3 Zulqaidah 1439 / 16 Juli 2018



Mr President, your decision is very impressive!

The decision of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to join the Friday prayer together with the Aksi Damai 212’s mass, Friday (2/12), in National Monument (Monas), was impressive. Two...


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Not condemning, but be condemned

President of the Lawyers Club television program Karni Ilyas on October 11, 2016 has invited me to comment...

at Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 17:31


Al Maidah 51 convolutes Ahok (2)

Because Ahok comment on Al Maidah verse 51 has entered the political realm, Ahok's supporters defended him. This...

at Monday, 24 October 2016, 12:19


Al Maidah 51 convolutes Ahok (1)

"O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as aulia. They are [in...

at Monday, 24 October 2016, 12:11


Islam has been curbed by its own elite

In Javanese, the word "telikung" given the prefix "me-" means "binding foot and hand" until it could not...

at Tuesday, 27 September 2016, 17:36


President Jokowi's lock and lock

There were many factors that made a president memorable. First, he/she has a stunning vision and mission, and...

at Friday, 02 September 2016, 11:27


Islam with European "standard"

 A couple days ago, there was an interesting article published by al Sharq al Awsat, titled “Islam bimaqoyisi Aurobiyah”...

at Monday, 29 August 2016, 19:30


Turkis FM presses Pakistan on schools said linked to coup suspect

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan promised Turkey's visiting foreign minister on Tuesday it would investigate a network of schools Ankara...

at Tuesday, 02 August 2016, 22:02


Reaching your dream

By: Asma Nadia What is your dream? A simple question, but to those who are more mature it has...

at Wednesday, 22 June 2016, 21:43


Public Diplomacy (II)

By: Azyumardi AzraDiscussion of "round table" on "Soft Power” and Public Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific: Emerging Models and...

at Monday, 06 June 2016, 20:24


Public Diplomacy (1)

By: Azyumardi AzraAt least in the last 10 years, Diplomacy in many countries is not only the hegemony...

at Friday, 03 June 2016, 16:17


Fazlur Rahman in symposium (II)

By: Ahmad Syafii MaarifAlthough I can not understand the content of the discussion in Turkish, the topics discussed ...

at Thursday, 02 June 2016, 17:55


Fazlur Rahman in symposium (I)

By: Ahmad Syafii Maarif Invitation by e-mail from Prof Alparslan Açikgenç (senior at the University of Chicago), I...

at Wednesday, 25 May 2016, 21:46


How Sadiq Khan and London citizens fend Islamophobia

By: Ikhwanul Kiram MashuriSadiq Khan, who elected as the first Muslim mayor in London, British continued to be...

at Wednesday, 18 May 2016, 21:59


Yuyun’s grief, our wound

By: Asma Nadia The national media recently report the news about sexual crime cases that happen onYuyun, a 14...

at Sunday, 15 May 2016, 14:31


Belum di Sidang, Berkas Pentolan Saracen Masih Diperiksa Kejaksaan


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