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Senin, 4 Syawwal 1439 / 18 Juni 2018

A marriage of history and technology at BI Museum

Jumat 20 April 2012 20:20 WIB

Rep: Gita Amanda/Satya Festiani/ Red: Yeyen Rostiyani

 The open space inside BI Museum in Jakarta.

The open space inside BI Museum in Jakarta.

Foto: Republika/Gita Amanda

Most museums in Indonesia are gloomy, outdated, and less informative, but that is not the case for Bank Indonesia Museum in Old City, Central Jakarta. Exhibiting long history of this central bank, the museum integrates history and technology. It tells the history of currency, monetary, banking, and various payment systems in Indonesia.

Long before the building became a museum, it was Binnen Hospital. Then on 1828, the building was transformed into De Javashe Bank (DJB). Eight years after Indonesian victory, or in 1953, the bank turned into Indonesian central bank or known as Bank Indonesia.

But it was not for long. The bank was moved to a new building in MH Thamrin Street in 1962. The building remained empty until it changed into a museum in December 15, 2006.

The architecture of the building is rather similar with other building in the area. Dutch architecture welcomes every visitor who steps on the entrance. An array of stained glass defines the Dutch heritage.

The antechamber used for reception room is really different from the entrance. A big LCD TV displays the history of the museum. Stepping inside, you will find a transitional room with a special projector projecting some coins. The projector explains the history and the origin of the coins one by one.

The theater room is right after the transitional room. The visitors should be in group to watch the movie.

Then, the exhibition room is waiting for us after the theater room. It is fully designed thoroughly and in advanced. One set of the exhibition is a Dutch customer depositing money to a bank. Also, there is a banking encyclopedia.

BI Museum also has a room to exhibit numismatic collection or money from various eras. The room is designed like a big iron safe deposit box. Its balcony is big, clean, and very classic.

The Manager of BI Museum, Toni Saptono, said the management planned to use automatic device as tour guide. The visitors only push a button provided in each chamber and each collection to hear the explanation.

“But for now, the device can only be used by historical researcher. But in the future, I the visitors can use it,” he said.

The visitors do not have to pay a dime to enter the museum. It is free, but the visitors should pay attention for the rule. The visitors cannot bring their bag inside. It should be deposited on the entrance. Also, some rooms do not allow flash on the camera. 


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