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Active cases and positive rate in DIY continues to drop

As of today, it is reported an additional 1,030 cases of recovery.

Rep: Silvy Dian Setiawan/ Red: Fernan Rahadi
Covid-19 Virus (illustration)
Foto: Pixabay
Covid-19 Virus (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA -- The Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) Covid-19 Handling Task Force continues to record a decline in active cases which is currently recorded at 11,707 cases. This decrease in active cases was due to the significant increase in the number of daily Covid-19 cures compared to the addition of new confirmed positive cases.

"The number of active cases is 7.78 percent," said Head of the Public Relations and Protocol Section of the DIY Secretariat, Ditya Nanaryo Aji, Wednesday (1/9).

As of today, the DIY Covid-19 Task Force reported an additional 1,030 cases of recovery. Thus, the total cure has reached 133,806 cases.

Ditya said that the 1,030 recovered cases were contributed by five regencies/cities. The highest was contributed by Bantul Regency, namely 295 recovered cases. Bantul was followed by Sleman Regency with 271 recovered cases, Kulonprogo Regency contributed 197 recovered cases, Gunungkidul Regency contributed 176 recovered cases, and 91 recovered cases in Yogyakarta City.

"Currently, the percentage of cure is 88.97 percent," said Ditya.

Furthermore, the daily positive rate also fell to 9.27 percent. This decrease was followed by a decrease in the addition of new cases, which today reported 470 new cases from the examination (testing) of 5,070 people.

Ditya explained that the 470 new cases were also contributed by five regencies/cities. The highest was in Bantul with 218 new cases, in Sleman it was reported 121 new cases, in Gunungkidul reported 66 new cases, in Yogyakarta City reported 33 new cases, and in Kulonprogo reported 32 new cases.

Based on history, most of the new cases were history of tracing close contacts, namely 413 new cases. A total of 38 new cases were obtained from the history of self-examination and the history of the other 19 new cases is still under investigation.

"The total positive cases in Yogyakarta have reached 150,388 cases," he said.

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