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Yogyakarta plans to launch mobile vaccination drive

Indonesia is seeking to vaccinate 208,265,720 citizens to build herd immunity.

Mobile vaccination (illustration)
Foto: Antara/Umarul Faruq
Mobile vaccination (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA -- The Yogyakarta city government is planning to operate a Covid-19 vaccination car starting next week to speed up the pace of vaccination coverage. "Hopefully it (mobile vaccination drive), could commence next week," Yogyakarta Mayor Haryadi Suyuti said here on Sunday.

The mobile vaccination campaign will chiefly target sub-districts whose vaccination coverage rate is still low, he said. "For instance, Jetis sub-district whose vaccination rate is still low will be prioritized. This is not the case with Gondokusuman sub-district whose vaccination coverage is already high," he said.

The city government has prepared a number of healthcare workers who will provide mobile vaccination services. He said the mobile vaccination drive will help housewives and people with disabilities who have so far found it difficult to access vaccination services.

The mobile vaccination drive including the registration of Covid-19 vaccination recipients will be conducted in accordance with the standing procedure. Hence. the data of the Covid-19 vaccination recipients will be recorded in the national database and can be accessed through Peduli Lindung applications.

The city government has so far vaccinated more than 416 thousand people against Covid-19 and 60 percent of them are non-Yogyakarta residents on a national scale, 34,702,821 Indonesians have received their second Covid-19 vaccine dose as of Saturday, according to the Covid-19 Response Task Force.

The number of fully vaccinated Indonesians rose by 581,618 on Saturday compared to the day before, it informed. Meanwhile, the number of Indonesians receiving their first Covid-19 vaccine jab increased by 786,703 to reach 61,222,258.

Overall, Indonesia is seeking to vaccinate 208,265,720 citizens to build herd immunity against the coronavirus under the nationwide vaccination drive, which was rolled out on January 13, 2021. Indonesia added 10,050 Covid-19 cases in the 24 hours ending Saturday afternoon, which took the total tally to 4,066,404 since the country reported its first confirmed Covid-19 cases in March 2020.

With 18,594 patients recovering from the coronavirus on Saturday, the number of recoveries increased to 3,707,850.Meanwhile, 591 patients succumbed to the infection, bringing the Covid-19 death toll to 131,372.

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