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Beyond the creatives, there is a need to get advertisements

We live in a time of increased clutter and dwindling attention spans.

Communication, advertising, and marketing world (illustration)
Foto: www.findmedia.com.au
Communication, advertising, and marketing world (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SINGAPORE -- In 2021, businesses are starting to realise that beyond the creatives, there is a need to get these advertisements in front of people.  In today's fast-paced digital mediums, automation, programmatic ad purchasing, and image recognition are important.  

"Having billions of data points is increasingly necessary in advertising space, but it’s what you do with them that actually matters," said GCG Asia Advertising's new CEO, John Darren Yaw, in an official announcement, Sunday (29/8). 

Over the past decade, the firm has assisted marketers in managing and optimising millions of dollars in digital advertising spend across paid search, social, and e-commerce. 

"We live in a time of increased clutter and dwindling attention spans. It is critical for brands to cut through the noise and stand out. That is only possible through creativity. It is no longer garnishing or just decorative tinsel. That is the flesh. It is the substance, and it is the only path forward for brands," said Darren.

Darren added, in terms of creativity, digital is a gold mine that is still largely untapped. "Solving brand challenges with proper insight that is supplemented by digital intuition is a powerful combination that only a small number of people are aware of, and even fewer choose to use to their advantage," he said.

Darren continued, GCG Asia has strengths in every relevant area in advertising so we can offer the skill and expertise that will optimise both the data and the creative for clients. "We are committed to delivering innovative, creative, experience-driven solutions for our brands. I'm very excited to start this new position," said Darren.


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