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Law expert doubts Munarman get involved in terrorism

Refly Harun questioned the legal construction of Munarman's arrest.

Rep: Rizky Suryarandika/ Red: Elba Damhuri
The former of the general secretary of Islam Defender Front (FPI) Munarman has been arrested by the police on Tuesday
Foto: Republika/Raisan Al Farisi
The former of the general secretary of Islam Defender Front (FPI) Munarman has been arrested by the police on Tuesday

JAKARTA -- A well-known Indonesian law expert, Refly Harun, has doubts about the terrorist allegations that were addressed to Munarman by the police.

Refly's statement was in response to the arrest of the former general secretary of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) by Densus 88 Anti-terror on charges of involvement in terrorism.

"From my heart I do not believe that Munarman is a terrorist if we define terrorists in its true definition, committing acts of terror to frighten the public, the government, and so on," Refly said in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel on Wednesday, (28/4).

Refly questioned the legal construction of Munarman's arrest. According to him, terrorists should move in silence, whereas Munarman has often appeared in public.

"Shouldn't terrorists actually be secretive? Hopefully law enforcers can differentiate between law and criminal acts," said Refly.

Refly stated that Munarman's figure so far has often criticized the government. However, that did not make Munarman becoming a terrorist. Munarman has been known to loudly criticize the government since the era of President Soeharto when the New Order ruling the country.

"If he is critical of the government, yes, that's why Munarman joined FPI and dared to say harshly, because he has a legal background. He has also been the chairman of YLBHI (independent law institution), which is a critical government group, he joined FPI and he is critical," said Refly.

Refly reminded the police to be able to distinguish someone who is critical from someone who has committed a criminal act. He did not want the critics to the government will be applied as the way to silence a democractic culture.

Munarman was arrested on Tuesday (27/4) at around 15.30 WIB by the police at his residence in South Tangerang. Munarman is suspected of mobilizing other people to commit criminal acts of terrorism, and withholding information about criminal acts of terrorism.

The police have also conducted raids on the former FPI office in Petamburan, Central Jakarta. Police claim to have found a material that is alleged for making the explosives.

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