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The Number of Deforestation in Indonesia Declines

Government commits to reduce deforestation to lower emission.

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Deforestasi Hutan di Papua
Deforestasi Hutan di Papua

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Indonesia has successfully decrease deforestation by 75.03 percent from 2019-2020. It has reached 115.46 thousand ha. The number is declining from that of 2018-2019, which is 462.46 thousand ha. The data is released by Directorate General of Forest Planning and Environmental Management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

“Seeing the latest trend of deforestation, we have a relatively low number this year, and it is stable,” said Acting Director General of Forest Planology and Environmental Governance of KLHK, Ruandha A. Sugardiman, on Wednesday (3/3).

The declining number of national deforestation during Covid-19 pandemic counters some claims that say the number of deforestation in 2020 is increasing. It also proves the consistency of Indonesia’s government to decrease deforestation year by year.

“A 75 percent reduction in deforestation during 2019-2020 is a prove, not perception. This is our hardwork so that the rate of deforestation can be reduced to the lowest point in the history,” Ruandha sakd.

The government also commits to reduce deforestation as a mean to lower emission. Efforts are still conducted, and resources are keep allocated to control deforestation in Indonesia at any level.

Director of Inventory and Monitoring of Forest Resource of General Directory of PKTL, Belinda A. Margono, said the 75.03 percent reduction on deforestation is a net number. The amount includes both inside and outside Indonesia forest area.

Based on technology development, the calculation of deforestation since 2011-2012 is nett deforestation that considers reforestation activity. Before thay, the calculation used gross deforestation.

“So, the presented number is net deforestation, which is gross deforestation minus reforestation,” she said.

Gross dedorestation number in 2019-2020 was 119.1 thousand ha, while its reforestation was 3.6 thousand ha. Meanwhile, gross deforestation in 2018-2018 was 465.5 thousand ha and its reforestation was 3.000 ha.

The decreasing number shows that the efforts carried out by the ministry exhibit significant result. Those efforts are implementing Termination of Granting Business Permit and Governance Improvement of Primary Forest and Peatlands, Forest and Land Fire Control, Peatland Damage Control, Climate Change Control, Limitation on Forest Allocation for non-forestry sector, the Settlement of Land Tenure in Forest Areas (PPTKH), Management of Sustainable Forest, Social Forestry, and Rehabilitation of Forest and Land.

Belinda also mentioned about the monitoring of Indonesia’s forest in 2020. The data shows that the surface area of forested land in Indonesia is 95.6 million ha, or about 50.9 percent of the land, whereas 92.5 percent of the forested land, or about 88.4 million ha, is inside the forest.


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