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Amikom-Silicon Valley to sign MoU next week

Senin 14 Dec 2020 18:03 WIB

Rep: Wahyu Suryana/ Red: Fernan Rahadi

The Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) Founder & CEO, Andrey Kunov.

The Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) Founder & CEO, Andrey Kunov.

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The MoU will prove Amikom's commitment to developing quality innovations

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SLEMAN -- The University of Amikom Yogyakarta will start its cooperation with the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) with the signing of an MoU by SVIC Founder & CEO, Andrey Kunov and Amikom Chancellor, Prof Suyanto on December 21, 2020 in Yogyakarta.

The MoU will prove Amikom's commitment to developing quality innovations that can compete at the global level. The signing which will be held in the Cinema Room at Amikom University Yogyakarta will be attended by Andrey Kunov.

Since its founding in 2002, SVIC has helped many startups, traditional companies, and large companies that are members of the Fortune 500 so that they can revolutionize the business to be more able to take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

SVIC's business transformation connects the executives of these companies with existing new technologies and anticipates trends that can disrupt the business and turn them into opportunities for growth.

SVIC is where the winning startup The NextDev participates in the Immersion Program in Silicon Valley. The NextDev is the best social impact-oriented early stage digital startup and search platform in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Amikom has a forum to grow the startup ecosystem, namely an incubator program entitled Amikom Business Park (ABP). The startups fostered by ABP do not have to be Amikom students. The most important thing is that the startup has an attractive product and a qualified team.

ABP helps its startups for financing and networking needs, for example by connecting startups and Angel Investors or through collaboration with various parties to strengthen the wider digital ecosystem.

ABP also has a Talent Pool program to educate and produce professional digital talents to be better prepared to develop their startups. Therefore, the collaboration between Amikom and SVIC will provide many benefits for the development of the startup ecosystem in Yogyakarta.

Various opportunities such as career development programs, collaborative research, internships, and even work will benefit both parties. Amikom Chancellor, Prof Suyanto, expressed his appreciation for the arrival of the number one person in SVIC to Amikom.

"Through this cooperation we can carry out low hanging fruits projects, which basically collaborate on everything that Amikom and SVIC can do, and produce and have the fastest value with each other," said Suyanto, Monday (14/12).

After this, Amikom students can get work experience and work directly at Silicon Valley companies. Amikom can also collaborate with Stanford in order to get a direct or indirect affiliation with Stanford.

Then, cooperation can also be in the form of subcontracting and outsourcing of work or business from Silicon Valley companies to Amikom companies. In addition, cooperation can also take the form of various virtual education programs from SVIC and Silicon Valley companies to Amikom students.

Apart from signing the MoU, Andrey Kunov will also teach online Master Class organized by Amikom. Suyanto assessed that Kunov's extraordinary experience would be very beneficial for Indonesia's young generation to be ready to go directly to Silicon Valley.

Moreover, Suyanto reminded, Silicon Valley is one of the three locations that has the highest circulation of money in the world, apart from Hollywood and Wall Street. Which, Amikom has already penetrated it through various links of cooperation.

Amikom is the first university in Indonesia to collaborate with SVIC. After this, Suyanto hopes, SVIC joint programs can be transmitted to Indonesian universities and institutions.

"After conducting a joint venture umbrella, The University of Amikom Yogyakarta and SVIC can share the same programs with many universities and other institutions in Indonesia," said Suyanto.



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