Friday, 19 Safar 1441 / 18 October 2019

Friday, 19 Safar 1441 / 18 October 2019

'King of the sand' Director responds to Saudi criticism

Jumat 13 Dec 2013 01:04 WIB

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King of the Sand

King of the Sand


REPUBLIKA, TEHRAN -- The director of `King of the Sands' has said the film is against Saudi Arabia.Mehr News quoted Arabic language Al-Ray al-Youm news website interview with Najdat Anzour, a Syrian director.

'King of the Sands,' a historical film featuring King Abdul Aziz Saud, the founder of modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has been premiered in Syria and many countries.

Anzour told the website that his only weapon was his camera. 'Syria is a priority for me. The price for the film is so high that Saudis could not pay; the blood of martyrs, devastation of my country, and its army are the costs,' he added.

"They could silence me, but soon hundreds of other Anzours would be born. The movie is for the Syrian interests and against those who turned our country to a desert," Anzour said.

Commenting on the screening of his film Anzour told that art would reach anywhere. 'Syria has a long history. Terrorism will be over and Syria will come out triumphant, and president Bashar al-Assad will remain a bright torch for next generations,' he asserted.

Anzour was responding to the criticism mounted by Saudi prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz. Talal denounced Anzour's historical film as propagating Jihad al-Nikah. He also waged attempts to stop screening of the movie and to expose it as a weak and devoid of artistic elements.

In King of the Sands, King Abdul Aziz is played by two Italian artists who play his childhood and adulthood. Artists from Britain, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon are among the cast.

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