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Eight Indonesians survive accident in Atlantic Ocean

All Indonesians victims to be sent home.

Red: Reiny Dwinanda
Drowning. (Illustration)
Foto: pixabay
Drowning. (Illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Eight Indonesians working for Dorneda, a Spanish fishing vessel which sank in the Atlantic Ocean on July 12, survived the accident. The Indonesian embassy in Buenos Aires confirmed the information in a press statement made available to Antara here on Monday.

They were part of 25 crew members of the ill-fated fishing boat, who survived the sea accident, the Indonesian embassy said, referring to the official notification of the Argentinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

One of the Indonesian survivors was rescued by MV Beagle I, while seven others were rescued by MV Farruco. The two boats had received orders from Argentina's Belgrano-based navy and Maritime Rescue Coordination to search and rescue Dorneda's crew members.

The MV Beagle I and Farruco happened to be "closest" to the ill-fated fishing vessel, which was spotted round 308 miles away from the coastal city of Comodoro Rivadavia, the Patagonian Province of Chubut, southern Argentina.

The MV Beagle I, carrying nine survivors including an Indonesian national, would arrive at Argentina's Mar del Plata seaport on Sunday, and the Spanish-flagged MV Farruco, carrying 16 survivors including seven Indonesians, was expected to arrive at Uruguay's Montevideo port on Sunday.

Indonesian Ambassador to Argentina, Niniek Kun Naryatie, remarked that the safety of all Indonesian nationals remains a priority and one of the primary tasks of the embassy.

The embassy, she revealed, have been coordinating with the related authorities of Argentina and Uruguay to send all Indonesians back home. "We thank all parties who have assisted in the rescue mission," Naryatie pointed out.

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