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Taiwan to ease visa application procedure for Indonesian

The procedure will be eased for Indonesian nationals seeking to work.

Taipei 101, Taiwan.
Foto: Reuters/Daniel Shih/ca
Taipei 101, Taiwan.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SURABAYA -- Taiwan is committed to easing the visa application procedure for Indonesian nationals seeking to work or temporarily stay in the country. Jeffrey S.C. Hsiao, the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) director, noted that in Surabaya on Tuesday (March 27).

"As part of our New Southbound Policy, the government has sought to intensify its partnership with countries in Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia," Hsiao stated.

He remarked that the Taiwanese government had eased the visa application procedure for Indonesian nationals seeking to work, do business, study, or undergo medical treatment in the island nation.

Thus, the Immigration Office is currently offering special access in the form of a "foreign professional employment gold card" for experts seeking visas to work or stay in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Brian H.T Ko, the TETO director of Surabaya Office, said that for special visa holders, the authority will offer a one-year residential permit that can be renewed at the Immigration Office in Taiwan.

"Indonesian nationals can apply for the special visa along with their three partners, or spouses and children under 20 years of age," Ko stated.

Meanwhile, job seekers keen on using this special visa will be granted an annual residential permit for 180 days.

Ko noted that international students will need to stay for a year in Taiwan before they can bring along their families. However, postgraduate students can apply for the special visa along with the residential permit for their spouses and children.

For visa to undergo medical treatment, Indonesian nationals can apply online on the Immigration Office website or offline at the nearby Consulate General office.

Ko noted that the health system in Taiwan is the third-largest in the world.

"Our treatment costs are as competitive as Singapore. Our office (TETO) is always committed to helping patients apply for visa for undergoing medical treatment in Taiwan," he stressed.

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