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No talk, time to act!

Ustaz Shamsi Ali
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Ustaz Shamsi Ali

By Imam Shamsi Ali*


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, The genocide in Burma arguably is the most tragic human rights violations and humanitarian disasters in recent history. What distinct this tragedy from Bosnian genocide is that this is almost totally abandoned by the international community. While the mainstream media are seemingly shy away to cover it.

This systemic genocide should not be an issue only for Muslims to resolve. This humanitarian catastrophic relates directly to the basic universal principles of compassion and humanity. The Burmese Muslim minority, popularly known Rohingyah Muslims, are the most persecuted minority in the world and this is according to the UN published reports. 

As a direct result of this basic human rights violations the entire international community, along with the media should be highlighting the plight and the sufferings of Burma's Muslim minority more aggressively.

We call upon all governments, who have concern about basic human rights, to cease all trade and diplomatic relations with the Burmese government until they comply with internal Law. 

We also call upon the United Nations to immediately send its peacekeeper forces without question or reservation and military force intervention should be a considered option. 

This poor vulnerable minority group have been forgotten and have been left to be the victims of ethnic cleansing. And the world, including those who often claim to be the champions of human rights are seemingly silent. 

The time to act is now. Burma's Muslim women are being systematically raped and murdered by way of hanging or being burned alive and records show even their children have been hanged or thrown alive into a fire to prevent the next generation from surviving. 

This is state supported genocide. 

We all have a legal, moral and civic responsibility, duty and obligation to defend those who are defenseless. 

The lack of media coverage on this issue only reinforces a narrative that Muslims should never be perceived as victims, as well as a clear evidence on the media hypocrisy on Muslim related issues.

These extremists Buddhist monks are motivated by religious and racial hatred. 

There should be no more constructive and healthy dialogue. 

The time for action is now and every minute of delay, more innocent men, women and children are being murdered because of their religious beliefs and ethnic affiliations.

What a tragic humanitarian disaster! 


New York, 2 September 2017


*Imam in New York and President of Nusantara Foundation

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