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Interest About Religiousness

Toleransi (ilustrasi)
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Toleransi (ilustrasi)

By : Bayu Kusuma *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Priest Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Habib Muhammad Rizieq bin HuseinSyihab Al-Husaini on July 2 2017 or 07 Syawal 1438 H issued an official statement addressed to all Muslims and all people of Indonesia and also on behalf of the Chairman of Trustees of the National Movement for the Defense Fatwa (GNPF ) MUI, comprising appreciation to all elements of the nation which has always been together with Habib and Ulema Islam-Defense Action escort to the struggle against injustice and misguidance to benefit the fight to defend religion and the nation and the state.

In addition, in the official statement, it issued an ultimatum of reconciliation or revolutionary struggle on the condition of the criminalization of clerical and activist stop. If reconciliation fails then the choice is only a constitutional jihad for a peaceful revolution. Islamic action belongs to ummah not belonging to any individual or group or group. 

The statement of the high priest a Religious Organizations sent from Saudi Arabia because until now did not want to return to Indonesia, on behalf of all Muslims and even the entire nation of Indonesia, continues to lead the issue of criminalization of scholars and activists. 

After a series of action Bela Islam indeed has led to the term "Criminalization cleric" who lately jargon like a very strong draw public attention. Amplification of the management of the issue is directed to a sense of awareness of the elements of society towards religious leaders. Reversal of the facts as if the state was inappropriately behaving unjustly to the scholars. Though there is the term "Equality before the law" which means all equally in the eyes of the law. Are scholars guilty of guilt should not be punished? 

Based on a review by KBBI, criminalization is a process that exhibits behavior previously not considered a criminal act, but later classified as a criminal act by the public.

In the context of cases of criminalization of clerics can be interpreted that the clerical criminalization is a scholar is not wrong but then blamed. But the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), KH.Ma'ruf Amin saw the determination of Habib Rizieq as a suspect in the case of pornographic chats through singular messages does not mean there is criminalization of scholars. The determination has nothing to do with criminalization and is a matter of law as usual. So just follow the ongoing legal process. Yet later in court will be proved guilty or innocent. 

Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama, KH. Said Aqil Siradjpun asserted, there is no ulama who criminalized and should no longer need the actions of defendants ulama, because there is no scholar who criminalized. Society should be more careful using the word ulama. The case of Rizieq Shihab is a private case in question and not a case of the 'ulama as a whole. So the use of the term ulama criminalization is unfounded. We should all maintain a more conducive national climate. 

Psychologically, it is said that the crisis of belief in the system of socio-political life (including economics, education, law etc.) causes some people to easily feel frustrated, angry, annoyed and even disappointed with the situation. This condition leads to unstable psychological life. It is this life's soul's livability that weakens one's emotional defenses so that it is so easily influenced, provoked to hate the system of social life of the state and government that is held responsible for social life in general. This hostility can manifest in a more organized individual, group or behavioral behavior in the form of a group that claims or in the name of religion, jihad, fisabilial struggle, ‘amar makruf’ or ‘nahi mungkar’ and so forth.

The government is positioned as a party that cannot protect or cannot give a sense of security to its people or is considered unable to do law enforcement fairly by raising the issue of "criminalization of scholars". Unstable conditions in the governance of governance and statehood is what deliberately created by the movers of this kind of action. Although these actions are not yet frontal, they are latent potential for more powerful terror outbreaks of destructive (mass destructive), aggressive and violent patterns of behavior based on violence. Hate is the beginning of the terror of the people.

Amplification of the clerical criminalization movement by groups in the name of the clerical action, seeks to shift public confidence in the Government and the security forces in upholding the rule of law. Efforts to mobilize mass mobilization campaign "Criminalization of Ulema" built by RizieqShihab in the name of religion, continue to try to lead to the issue of discrediting the Government and the professionalism of law enforcement officers in handling cases involving RizieqShihab. Yet society on a wider scale has been very smart to address the issues that develop in interpreting the problem. A series of campaigns on "Criminalization of Ulema" that have led to RizieqShihab cult, are increasingly getting no response from the community, because the community has been made aware that the movement is motivated by the interests of maneuvering personal interests to save its prestige. People believe and believe that there are still many better figures and scholars, can provide better examples, figures with high integrity and deserve to be a place to add knowledge in life.

According to the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and former Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin, Indonesia should learn a lot about religious tolerance from the US that involves a lot of faith. WhereasIndonesia has religious social capital, the capital is realized in the state ideology of Pancasila. This should be a wealth of Indonesians throughout the religious community that religion from God to humanity and humanity.

The face of this humanism will be a meeting point for all of us despite different religions. The act of terror as well as the impeachment of interests in the name of religion only provokes hatred towards others who must live side by side with each other. 

For that, it's good that all religious people are aware that religion is not to be commercialized. Sacred verses are not for sale or even used as a tool to pit fellow religious followers. In addition, in Islam is also taught should not be "Suudzon" or should not be prejudiced. However, in the contents of the statement of the Islamic Defenders Front Front (FPI) Habib Muhammad Rizieq bin Hussein Syihab Al-Husaini insisted if against "Opponent" we must behave "Negative Thinking" that is negative thinking to keep building awareness, then against "friend" we must behave " Positive Thinking "that is positive thinking to maintain unity and brotherhood. Yet whatever the reason, prejudice the result will not be good. 

As the leader of a mass organization in the name of Islam it is fitting that a Habib Muhammad Rizieq bin Hussein Syihab Al-Husaini gives a good example to his followers and his loyalty by acting as a leader, big soul, and responsible. Return to Indonesia and solve all problems with the rules that apply in Indonesia because Indonesia as a State of Law. If you do not feel guilty you need not be afraid to face it because Allah knows the righteous and always with those who are patient.

*) Social and Political Observer

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