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Reconciliation and Revolution Threat

Pluralitas (ilustrasi)
Pluralitas (ilustrasi)

By: Agung Virdianto *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Various controversial statements always spoken out byHabib Rizieq from Saudi Arabia as a form of quasi-resisting sightings confirmed by the State Police for alleged bawdy pornography-laden conversations circulating on social media. His ultimatum invites his followers to carry out a revolution is something beyond the propriety of a scholar.

If the context is expressed at the time of Indonesia against the Dutch colonialism is very appropriate but in the situation of society and the final state of the Pancasila Ideology is a necessity of a scholar who seek popularity by using religious labels by spreading hatred against the government, and what will happen if the revolution echoed and misinterpreted occur among the people impact physical clashes between the people who love the country (Pancasila) with organizations claiming reject Pancasila. What kind of feast lies behind the denial of Habib Rizieq's nationalism until he makes an ultimatum question of the Revolution? 

Political Support 

Since named as a suspect in the alleged conversation pornography, Habib Rizieq had first fled abroad and the last visa extended by the Government of Saudi Arabia. Already several times asked, even forced, to go home Habib Rizieq refused the settlement of the case. And if Habib Rizieq go home and explain the problem in a brightly lit then there is no problem between Habib Rizieq with police. In addition, Habib Rizieq's position in Indonesian law is a legal subject and must be released any form of social status and any attributes attached to it. But because it has been from the beginning of misunderstanding against the government and already feel as if the cleric role model in the archipelago use it that he has been in criminalization by the government. It is conceivable that other scholars imitating the behavior of Habib Rizieq when dealing with the law will bring up the pros and cons attitude in society and the imaging and credibility of the clerical labels will be cornered.

The case of Habib Rizieq is something that should be legally resolved because it has a legality credential, but when Indonesian politicians and figures belonging to the Islamic Belgian movement visited him in Saudi Arabia including the Saudi Arabian government which showed his allegiance to him made Habib Rizieq forget self. The step of reconciliation initiated by his colleagues in GNFUI to find the meeting point of his case resolution has been reached very wisely by the government. From before the emergence of the case of Habib Rizieq, the government has never injured the hearts of Muslims in Indonesia, in fact the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesia NU and Muhammadiyah including other mass organizations remain solid support the government in the completion of the case Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (Ahok). And all parties have accepted the court's decision against Ahok. 

The question of where the state committed the criminality, is it not that those who have always campaigned for criminality take refuge in religious labels. So whatever his actions should not be touched by the law because it already considers what the action is in accordance with the provisions of religion. So the state agreement that has been made by the founders of the nation and a mutual agreement from Sabang to Maureke with their count immediately replaced? 

Realizing Single Party 

Habib Rizieq's maneuver with his revolutionary ultimatum can be considered a test case of party power in Indonesia to become a single party based on Islamic law this is very clear in the points of the ultimate declaration of its revolution point 4 "Return to the original August 18, 1945 Constitution imbued by the 22nd Jakarta Charter June 1945 according to Presidential Decree 5 July 1959. The feast is, can pluralism in Indonesia accept a single party based on Islam? Forcing the phenomenon of Habib Rizieq's case phenomenon to be seen from now, do they already feel convinced that mass organizations and traditional in Indonesia will surely support the political coercion. And Saudi Arabia is sure to give political support to the single party even though Indonesia already has the majority of the largest Muslims. And whether current political design agendas led by Habib Rizieq have no long-term implications for tolerance and plurality in Indonesia.

Trimetric relations have been seen from Habib Rizieq's problem as a political tactic to save his authority in the case of pornographic content. The more withdrawal of interested parties in the political contest of 2019 to enter the circle. This is so that the public can see that the case is heavier political controvers than the legal aspects of the subject. The government is still wise in opening a dialogue room with GNF-MUI to resolve the case which makes the GNF-MUI and its support groups have got a point of diplomacy with the government. Though the government only saw that GNF-MUI is a people and society that need to be heard aspirasinya but for the case of the pornographic context the government still insisted on being resolved legally. As a religious political learning should not be used as a force in spreading hatred against the government. 

The denial of nationalist spirit towards Indonesia has been very deep, this can be due to the support of political parties who have similarities to quickly replace Pancasila by returning to the Jakarta Charter June 22, 1945. In the context of this ultimatum is very clear political parties, political elite and Habib Rizieq and his supporters who still aspire to establish the state of Khilafiah.

*) The author is a Graduate student and Community Studies Comparative Studies of Political Science

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