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The Roots of Several Terror Attack in Europe

Petugas berjaga usai serangan terjadi di kawasan Champs-Élysées, Paris, Prancis, (20/4).
Foto: EPA
Petugas berjaga usai serangan terjadi di kawasan Champs-Élysées, Paris, Prancis, (20/4).

By : Toni Ervianto *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, A car loaded with gas canisters rammed into a police van on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris, leaving the driver dead in what the interior minister said was an "attempted attack". The attacker has brought a Kalashnikov rifle, handguns and gas bottles were found in the white Renault Megane. Observer in Paris have said that security forces have been targeted in France once again and Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said, calling the incident an "attempted attack" because the weapons and explosives found in the vehicle "could potentially blow this car up. The attack Monday was the latest of a string in Paris and London.

Police have closed two of the Metro stations on the Champs-Elysees, a world-renowned avenue lined with shops and cinemas that is a major tourist draw in the French capital. The incident came just two months after a policeman was shot and killed on the avenue, three days before the first round of France's presidential election. 

A note praising the Islamic State group was found next to the body of the gunman, Karim Cheurfi, in that incident. Police later found other weapons in Cheurfi's car including a shotgun and knives. On June 7, a hammer-wielding Algerian man was shot and wounded by police after he struck an officer on the head in front of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, shouting it was in revenge "for Syria". He had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group in a video found at his home.

France has been consistently targeted and remains under a state of emergency imposed after the November 2015 attacks in Paris, when Islamic State killed 130 people in a night of carnage at venues across the city. Previous major attacks targeted the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in January 2015. In July last year, a radicalised Tunisian man killed down 86 people as he rammed a truck through a crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks in the Riviera city of Nice.

Earlier Monday, a van ran into pedestrians near a north London mosque, killing one man and injuring ten others in an incident that police was being investigated by counter-terrorism officers. The 48-year-old driver of the van was detained by members of the public and then arrested by police, as Muslim leaders said worshippers were specifically targeted after leaving prayers at the mosque shortly after midnight. The incident comes after two deadly Islamist-inspired attacks this year that used vehicles to ram pedestrians – a stabbing spree earlier this month in the London Bridge area and a March attack in which a man drove a car into crowds on Westminster Bridge.

Worshippers leaving a London mosque just after midnight on Monday were helping an unwell elderly man when a van deliberately targeted them. The van swerved towards the people outside the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London just as they began to assist the man, who had collapsed. Locals then pounced on the driver and pinned him down while waiting for the police to arrive. 

Police said that one man had been arrested at the scene and that no further suspects had been identified. Mohammed Kozbar, chairman of the Finsbury Park Mosque, called for Prime Minister Theresa May's government to take action.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), an umbrella body for British Muslims, said the incident occurred outside the Muslim Welfare House on Seven Sisters Road, near the Finsbury Park mosque. Harun Khan, the head of the MCB, said the van had "intentionally" run over people who were leaving prayers held during the holy month of Ramadan. Prime Minister Theresa May condemned it as a "terrible incident", while opposition Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was "totally shocked" and had been in touch with mosques and police.

The Roots

Exactly, there are several scientific and historical reason which can make as the roots-problem why Europe has been always targeting by a groups of terror. At least, English has been joined with US-led coalition in Suriah and Iraq to crush a terror groups such as ISIS. However, those group terror is a main target the involvement of English in US-led coalition in Suriah.

However, after Brussel’s attack, ISIS has been prepared at least 400 followers to make the wave of suicide-bombing attack in Europe. ISIS has claimed that they has been growing their cells-terror system in several countries in Europe such as Belgium, France, England, Germany and Netherland. According to security analys, the suicide-bomber has been waiting an order to launch their attack. 

ISIS has been targeted western communities as their victims whom stay at airport, train station, government offices and other vital objects in their attack planning.

English is one of country which has hated by ISIS because their involvement in several war against terroristm, including the involvement of English in US-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq dan Suriah.

Former English Prime Minister, David Cameron had been predicted that  ISIS in Suriah and Iraq would be planned to launch a big strikes and it’s would be targeted English as main target. Cameron had been warned to all of Europe countries to raising their alertness on terror attack. 

Meanwhile, ISIS has been targeting France because ISIS has stated that Paris as “the capital of prostitution and disobedience”. ISIS has declared that France and several countries which was followed France’s way would be targeted. Other possibilities why ISIS has been targeting France as their main target is former France’s President, Francois Hollande decision to join with US-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Suriah.

According to Will McCants, ekstremism pundit and the author of “The ISIS Apocalypse" had said November 2016 raid in France is a warning for France to stop their attack in Suriah. Actually, the main enemy of ISIS is United States but ISIS has troubled to infiltrate their followers in United States, because of that ISIS has difficulties to lauch their attack in United States. So, they are strikes US-allies in Europe such as English and France. 

Meanwhile, The New Yorker correspondent, George Packer has predicted that the phery-phery of Paris has been become as fertile land to recruit radical group member, and France has special-term is banlieus, slum dominated by immigrants. Now, banlieus has been transformed into a poor region and social isolation and they have become as suspicion and hatred subject in France. Most of them has lived in Lyon and several an industry cities in Northern France. 

Greg Barton, academia at Deakin University said France is a one of the most multiculturalism democratic country in the world and France has "laicite" or an extrem secularism which was separated government business with religion. Those policy has been raised a difficulties to make data about population of immigrant descendants. But, it was predicted that approxiamately 5 million muslim communities in France. It makes France as the biggest muslim population in Europe who came from Aljazair, Tunisia and Marocco eventhough they have been living in a poor condition and unemployment immigrant has reached 30 percent. According to Barton, the roots of poverty and unemployment have been triggered by discrimination act to muslim descendants when they are searching a job. 

*) The author has earned master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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