Thursday, 3 Ramadhan 1442 / 15 April 2021

Thursday, 3 Ramadhan 1442 / 15 April 2021

Embassy attends relay race in Ottawa

Jumat 05 Aug 2016 22:45 WIB

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Teuku Faizasyah

Teuku Faizasyah

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON -- The Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, attends a global relay race, called Peace Run, from New York to Ottawa, to build international friendship and mutual respect. The race was held by Sri Chinmoy Oneness.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Canada, Teuku Faizasyah, said the Peace Run is in accordance with the vision of the first Indonesian President, Soekarno, of building a world where all nations live in peace and brotherhood, a press statement issued by the Indonesian Embassy and received by Antara here on Friday said.

Participants came from Ukraine, Slovenia, the US, Canada and other friendly countries.

The ambassadors from other countries, including Switzerland, Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia and Zimbabwe, attended the event and conveyed their ideas and messages for ushering in peace.

A Peace Run was also conducted in Bali and Solo (Central Java).

The event also promotes Indonesia's tourism destinations, such as Borobudur temple in Magelang.

A Peace Run is also planned to be conducted in Indonesia next year, covering the Asia-Pacific region.

sumber : Antara
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