Thursday, 26 Zulhijjah 1442 / 05 August 2021

Thursday, 26 Zulhijjah 1442 / 05 August 2021

BI: Indonesia's economy improves

Jumat 29 Jul 2016 01:01 WIB

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Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia

Foto: Republika/Prayogi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG -- The central Bank of Indonesia has said that Indonesia's economy will continuously improve, along with the stability of the economy, the continuation of fiscal stimulus, and the implementation of structural reforms.

"In the medium-term, Indonesia's economic growth will be higher, more inclusive, and more sustainable," the Director of Economic and Monetary Policy at Bank of Indonesia, Solikin M Juhro, said here on Thursday.

He noted the consistent implementation of structural reforms is a key to the improvement of the domestic economic outlook.

According to Solikin, amid various external and domestic challenges, Indonesia's economic performance during 2015 recorded a positive development.

The macroeconomic stability becomes better, and the stability of the financial system has been maintained, he added.

"After being slow, the nation?s economic growth began to increase in the second half of 2015," Solikin said.

He explained that such success was supported by the Bank of Indonesia's policies, as well as close coordination with the government in safeguarding the economic stability, promoting economic growth, and accelerating structural reforms.

Further, according to Solikin, the consistent implementation of structural reforms should be continued through the optimization of infrastructure developments, such as roads, electricity, and irrigation, including the development of human resources.

"The economy of Indonesia keeps growing at a rate of 4.8 to 5.5 percent. We are able to grow above 6 percent, if we apply economy diversifications," he added.

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