Tuesday, 24 Zulhijjah 1442 / 03 August 2021

Tuesday, 24 Zulhijjah 1442 / 03 August 2021

Vaccine task force claims 337 children have been immunized

Kamis 21 Jul 2016 22:02 WIB

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Director General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices of Health Ministry, Maura Linda Sitanggang said there are about 400 children who will undergo revaccination. However only 337 children who completed the revaccination.

Maura said the number is based on reports from its members on Thursday (20/7). She added that number will continue to grow because the task force has been opened a call center and complaint post, and 50 revaccination post.

"There are 400 children who came, but not all revaccination," Maura said at Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Thursday (21/7).

Maura explained the follow-up of fake vaccines not only stop the implementation of revaccination, but also will impose sanctions if there is a criminal offense in the implementation of these vaccination.

''We will enforce follow-up of the regulation if there is administrative sanction, are ready to be repaired, whether to do consistently," she said.

Included the 14 hospitals which involved of fake vaccines and other hospitals. Her ministry would conduct supervision and see whether comply with the standard operating procedure (SOP) or not.

"However for those hospitals that have been affected by this problem, they should review SOP, make it and then report to the Ministry of Health and the Health Department and in the report also include the distributors from which of course will be known from authorized distributors.  They must tell the waste report to Ministry of health and being checked," she said.

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