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Pet care homes full due to Eid holyday

Jumat 08 Jul 2016 06:52 WIB

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Pet care homes in Jakarta and surrounding areas are full to the capacity during the Eid al-Fitr holiday as many pet owners went on holiday, leaving their animals at these facilities.

"We have had to refuse to take in more animals because of our limited capacity. We could only accommodate 31 cats," home owner Nalia Putriyanda, who is also a veterinarian, said when contacted here on Thursday.

She clarified that her pet home in Bekasi, West Java, only received cats during the current holiday.

"Some people leave their pets for a week but some others have left their animals till July 15," she added.

She informed that she charged Rp50,000 a day to care for these pets, which covered accommodation as well as food but charges rise in case of pets who are sick.

"We sometimes walk them but it all depends upon the cats. If they are stressed we cannot immediately let them go," she stated.

She explained that another service she provided was keeping the owners of the pets, who are in their home towns, informed.

"As they are our loyal customers, they also ask for latest pictures of their cats so that they can see the real condition of the pets. We certainly meet their request," she mentioned.

The animal hospital in Ragunan (RSH Ragunan), South Jakarta, has also been almost full.

It offers two kinds of facilities to take care of pets, namely a "Pet Hotel" and care homes for dogs and cats.

"The Pet Hotel only receives animals that are really healthy and already vaccinated. These animals are checked to see if they meet the requirements. Those that fail are referred to care homes. The occupancy of the care home goes up to 90 percent of capacity because many owners are not aware that their animals are ill," Natan, one of the hospital's staff, disclosed.

The Pet Hotel of RSH Ragunan received 15 cats and 15 dogs, with these numbers accounting for 70 percent and 50 percent of capacity, respectively.

RSH Ragunan charges Rp110,000 per day for a cat and between Rp125,000 to Rp180,000 per day for a dog, depending on their weight.

The cost of care for cats is Rp85,000 per day, dogs weighing up to 10 kilogram Rp90,000 per day, those weighing between 10 and 20 kg Rp125,000 per day and more than 20kg Rp150,000 per day. A doctor's visit costs Rp25,000 per visit.

"The cost includes food and the cost of walking these animals," Natan noted.

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