Friday, 15 Zulqaidah 1442 / 25 June 2021

Friday, 15 Zulqaidah 1442 / 25 June 2021

BPOM urges public not to buy syrups wthout label

Selasa 21 Jun 2016 22:27 WIB

Rep: Rr Laeny Sulistywati/ Red: Julkifli Marbun



Foto: Republika/ Wihdan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BENGKULU -- Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) for Bengkulu province reminded the communities in order not to buy syrup without a label.

Head of Inspection and Investigation of BPOM Bengkulu Province, Syafrudin in Bengkulu, said ahead of the Eid al-Fitr 1437 Hijri, there are several syrups available in the market.

"Non availability of label in a syrup have potential to endanger the people's health, we do not know from what material the syrup," he said on Monday (20/6).

BPOM stressed, the food and drink should has label. Listed on the label is code of permission of food industry or PIRT, food composition, expiration date, and the lawful (halal) certification from Indonesian Ulema council (MUI).

"Therefore, if the syrup not labeled, may be it made from ingredients that endanger to health," he said.

Syafrudin give tips to choosing food in good packaging that good for health. First, view the packaging, whether damaged or not.

"If damaged, do not buy it. But, if not, look the expiration date," he said.

Citizens are also encouraged should pay attention to the composition of the food, whether made from healthy ingredients or not.

"For Muslims, do not forget to look halal certification. One more important that see the business license," he said.

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