Thursday, 26 Zulhijjah 1442 / 05 August 2021

Thursday, 26 Zulhijjah 1442 / 05 August 2021

Wiranto: Tax is what shape economic Independence

Senin 30 May 2016 22:50 WIB

Rep: MGROL70/ Red: Julkifli Marbun



Foto: Republika/Wihdan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID , JAKARTA - Public awareness of paying taxes is a form of support to achieve independence in the economic field . Hanura Party Chairman Wiranto said the matter is contained in the spirit of Trisakti .

"This tax is a form of economic independence. More than half of the country's revenue comes from taxes paid by citizens," he said after receiving the award from the Director General of Taxation as well as the tax -abiding tax payers at  The Tax Regional Office of East Jakarta , Monday ( 30/5 ) .

However, the difficulty of economic independence to be realized is the low awareness of public citizen. Paying taxes can be regarded also as a form of struggle to build a nation of Indonesia. Wiranto said in the past, Indonesian citizens take up arms to build the nation . But now it has changed. Consciously paying taxes, is a struggle that is invaluable to creating economic independence .

Wiranto hope that there is value in what he discusses today and for it to be an example to transmit awareness to citizens to pay taxes for the common good .

On the occasion, Wiranto gives points that must be considered by the Directorate General of Taxation . Namely to encourage the creation of legislation that can be easily applied to citizens , as well as raising awareness in the community that paying taxes is not a compulsion .

"The most important thing is that taxation must transform itself so that there is value in the community when the tax is paid for the benefit of society, " he said .

Wiranto also support the birth of Tax Amnesty Law . Because it is able to increase the state tax . "I think as the chairman of the party Hanura I strongly support the birth of Tax Amnesty . It's for the good of the Indonesian people and for the creation of economic independence," said Wiranto.

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