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Competitive price boosts Pertamax gasoline sales

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Significant cuts in Pertamax and Pertalite gasoline prices have boosted their sales from 8 thousand kiloliters to 10 thousand kiloliters per day.

Corporate Communication Vice President of state-owned oil company Pertamina, Wianda Pusponegoro, said in a written statement here on Wednesday that the increase in the consumption of the octane-92 gasoline showed that the people had made their own choice keeping in mind their vehicles' performance.

Pertamina cut the price of Pertamax to Rp7,350 per liter on May 15, 2016 from Rp9,300 per liter on May 15, 2015 for Jakarta area.

According to Wianda, the price of Pertamax is now becoming more and more competitive, compared to the price of Premium gasoline at Rp6,450 with octane 88.

Pertalite gasoline with octane 90 also showed positive sales performance. Up to April 2016, Pertalite consumption reached 600 thousand kiloliters per day. "We have been supplying Pertalite through 2,956 refueling stations (SPBU). Each SPBU could sell some 2.5 kiloliters per day," said Wianda.

On May 15, 2016, Pertamina lowered the prices of Pertamax gasoline by Rp200-Rp300 per liter, effective as of 00:00 on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

According to Wianda Pusponegoro, the lowering of the prices was a periodical corporate decision, in keeping with the trend in world crude prices.

"The prices of Pertamax were lowered by Rp200 per liter for Java, Madura and Bali islands and by Rp300 per liter for other regions," she said.

She cited Jakarta and its surroundings as an example where Pertamax price was lowered from Rp7,550 per liter to Rp7,350 per liter. In Surabaya, East Java, the price was lowered from Rp7,650 to Rp7,450 per liter.

In East Kalimantan, on the other hand, the price of Pertamax was cut by Rp300 per liter from Rp8,000 per liter to Rp7,700 per liter.

The price of Pertamax Plus in West Nusa Tenggara, Java and Bali was cut by Rp200 per liter and by Rp300 per liter in other regions.

However, the price of Pertamax Dex was lowered by Rp300 per liter in all regions. The price of Dexlite gasoline was set at Rp6,650 per liter.

Pertamina also cut the price of Pertalite gasoline by Rp200 per liter in all regions.

"The price of Pertalite in Papua which was initially sold at Rp7,300 per liter has been lowered to Rp7,100 per liter," she said.

The prices of diesel oil/bio-diesel oil were also reduced by Rp300 per liter.

In Jakarta and Banten, the prices of fuels of these types went down from Rp6,950 per liter to Rp6,650 per liter.

"Besides the decline in the world oil prices, Pertamina's move to reduce gasoline prices was the company's way of showing its appreciation for the consumers," Wianda Pusponegoro said.

She said Pertamina will continue to monitor tightly the availability of stocks at gasoline refueling stations, considering that the decline in the price of gasoline often leads to increase in consumption.

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