Sunday, 10 Zulqaidah 1442 / 20 June 2021

Sunday, 10 Zulqaidah 1442 / 20 June 2021

Govt to grant amnesty to Din Dimini

Kamis 31 Dec 2015 20:45 WIB

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MDUGA -- The government would grant amnesty to the members of Din Dimini's armed civilian group after the process is complete, according to President Joko Widodo.

"Later, we will grant it to them, but it will be done only after the process is over," he noted during a visit to the Keyabi local market in Nduga village in Papua here on Thursday.

President Widodo affirmed that the demand to grant amnesty to the group in Aceh had long been made.

"Indeed, it has been very long. We have met, discussed, made assurance, and invited them to participate in the development efforts. Our focus is there. Should we continue fighting for years," he emphasized.

He said several talks had been held in connection with their demand before they finally agreed to surrender.

When questioned whether a legal process would ensue before the amnesty is granted, he said it would be considered but "their wish (to get an amnesty) had been voiced since long."

On the possibility of other groups seeking an amnesty, the president affirmed that matters would be evaluated.

"All will be processed through a soft approach. If the process is difficult, harsh action will be taken. Everything must be studied thoroughly first before a decision is made," he stated.

Regarding the "red zone" in Papua, especially the district of Nduga, President Widodo said he had enquired about the condition from the district head and governor, and they had lent assurance that it was fine.

"And therefore, I was willing to come here," the head of state noted.

Regarding the power outage that occurred during the head of state's visit, he said it could have happened regardless of whether a president was there.

"It could happen not only here but also anywhere else as we have an electricity crisis," he pointed out.

During a visit to the local market, the president and First Lady Iriana took the opportunity to buy several vegetables and fruits.

"We bought oranges, bananas, and chilis, and their quality is good. The market place indeed is still being prepared by the district head," he remarked.

The president stated that with a population of 198 thousand, a better market is certainly needed.

"They need to have a market place," he added.

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe remarked that Nduga was an isolated district, and therefore, development efforts were being made, especially in terms of road development.

"No president has ever come here. President Jokowi (as he is also called) is the first to be here, and this is very special," he added.

He said with the current road development project, 11 districts in Papua will later be connected.

Nduga District Head Yairus Gwijangge said apart from the road that would lead to Wamena, the local government also plans to build other facilities, such as a hospital, office complex, and port.

"This is a new district created from Jayawijaya," he stated.

He said the district served as a transit location for those keen on traveling to other districts such as Lani Jaya, Tolikara, and Puncak Jaya.

To reach Nduga, President Widodo and his entourage departed from Wamena in the district of Jayawijaya aboard a Hercules aircraft to Timika. The president thereafter took a flight for around 1.5 hours aboard a Super Puma helicopter.

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