Saturday, 3 Syawwal 1442 / 15 May 2021

Saturday, 3 Syawwal 1442 / 15 May 2021

Pusri's new factory to boost fertilizer production

Selasa 07 Jul 2015 14:47 WIB

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PT Pusri

PT Pusri

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PALEMBANG -- The new factory of Pupuk Sriwijaya (Pusri) II-B in Palembang, South Sumatra to be on stream in March 2016 would push up the company's production of urea fertilizer from 2.1 million tons to 2.8 million tons per year.

Production director of PT Pusri Johan Safri said on Monday the production target would be reached in the first year the new factory starts operation.

"After Pusri II-B is fully in operation the production target of 2.8 million tons would be reached right away or an increase of 750,000 tons," Johan said.

In 2014, Pusri produced 2.10 million tons of urea fertilizer, and in 2015, the production target was set only slightly higher at 2.15 million tons.

"If the production is to be increased significantly, a new factory has to be built as the existing factories have operated at full capacity," Johan said.

Pusri II-B is built with new technology , environmentally friendly and efficient.

Pusri IIB is designed to have an installed production capacity of 2,000 tons of ammonia per day, and 2,750 tons of urea fertilizer per day.

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