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Minister: Some 43 outlaying islands already certified

Ahad 08 Mar 2015 16:42 WIB

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Ferry Mursyidan Baldan

Ferry Mursyidan Baldan

Foto: Republika/Agung Supriyanto

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG -- Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister Ferry Musyidan Baldan said that 43 of the country's 92 outlaying islands had been certificated.

"The certification is given to affirm the official jurisdictional borders of Indonesia.

Of the 92 outlaying islands, 43 have been provided with certification," the minister said after attending the re-launch of a magazine on the spatial planning in Indonesia here on Sunday.

He expressed hope that in the next one year, the 92 outlaying islands would have all been certified. "We are convinced these efforts would prevent the annexation of the country's outer islands by other countries."

He said that every single spaces of land in the country must be safeguarded with legal protection. "The state should protect it."

The minister said that in order to guarantee the safety of the Unitary State of Indonesia, his ministry will issue certificates for the local residents.

"Unpopulated islands will be issued certificates on behalf of the Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry," he stressed.

On the occasion, the minister said he would carry out examinations and collect data on spaces of land owned by foreigners in Indonesia.

"Foreigners may not own any single space of land in Indonesia based on the Constitution," Baldan said.

He said the examinations would be conducted to assure that there would be no pieces of land under the control of foreigners in the country.

"Based on the international law, only land for residences and offices of foreign ambassadors could be controlled by foreigners," he remarked.

He said that so far many pieces of land, particularly in the tourist destination areas such as in Bali and Lombok, were owned by foreign nationals.

Asked on sanctions that might be given to foreigners owning land in Indonesia, the minister said that there were no sanctions but his ministry would impose a firm regulation.

"We do not need to take sanctions against them but the ownership would be diverted. We shall ask them if they have wives (Indonesian wives), the ownership will be diverted to their wives, if not, it will be taken over by the state," he said.

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