Jumat 02 Jan 2015 20:42 WIB

Govt to set fuel prices including pertamax price monthly

Rep: Satya Festiani/ Red: Yeyen Rostiyani
A gas station in Bogor (illustration)
A gas station in Bogor (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Government regulates price of fuels 92-octane pertamax fuel starting on January 1, 2015. The policy is under Presidential Decree No 191/2014.

"Government will set the base price of fuels including pertamax monthly," Secretary General of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Teguh Pamuji, said on Friday, January 1. 

Business sector can set the retail prices. Previously, business entity had given the room to set the price of nonsubsidized fuels only, including 92-octane and 95-octane fuels.

The base price includes acquisition cost, distribution, storage, and margin of gas station. It calculates market price index and currency within a month.

Besides base price, government also regulates the formula to set retail price. The retail price is the calculation of base price, value-added tax (PPN), motor vehicle fuel tax (PBBKB) and margin of business entity.

Local government sets the PBBKB at 5-10 percent of base price. The margin is determined at the range of 5 to 10 percent of base price. As the margin differs, business entity can set the retail price.



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