Sunday, 19 Safar 1443 / 26 September 2021

Sunday, 19 Safar 1443 / 26 September 2021

Russia offers global satellite navigation system (Glonass) to Indonesia

Kamis 30 Oct 2014 04:32 WIB

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Global Navigation Satellite System

Global Navigation Satellite System", is a space-based satellite navigation system operated by the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces. (illustration)


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Russia is seeking to expand trade with Indonesia by offering Global Satellite Navigation System (Glonass) to watch over the country's vast sea territory.

"Glonass could help the new Indonesian government to develop its rich archipelago," Chief Executive Office of Russia-Indonesia Business Council Michael Kuritsynthe said on Wednesday.

Kuritsyn said the Russian Glonass is a global satellite navigation system that could give accurate data, size, position and movements in the sea. The system had been used by Russia over the past 40 years to monitor a number of sectors in that country, he said. The global satellite navigation system offered by Russia will be useful to draw the map of the Indonesian seas as well as the land territory.

It has wide coverage and can show where the groups of fishes in the sea, and more important is that it could locate the positions of fishing vessels including illegal fishing vessels.MIllegal fishing has caused big losses to the country.

Kuritsyn said the Russian technology is superior than the US Global Positioning System (GPS) as it has a more detailed navigation capability. He said the Glonass offer was to show the Russian support for the new Indonesian government to develop its maritime sector as one of the visions of President Joko Widodo.

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