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Enjoy Tarragon Restaurant Jakarta

Rabu 10 Jul 2013 20:45 WIB


Tarragon Restaurant

Tarragon Restaurant

Foto: Love Indonesia

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, -- If you are a fan of Asinan, the pickled and soupy spicy fruit that originates from Bogor, you must know that Ny. Yenny's has got the market covered, but if you want to know what else Ny.Yenny can offer, then you should visit Tarragon located in Serpong. Specializing in mainly Chinese and some Asian cuisines, expect to find a combination of creative and also traditional dishes that will not disappoint.

The menu at Tarragon offers so much variety and style of cooking that you will always find a few dishes that you have not come across in other standard Chinese eateries. Thus, with so many to choose from, we finally decided to pick a few unique ones and also the ‘must have’ dish at Tarragon.

For starters, we began with the Cakwe Isi Sotong Mayonnaise. Cawke or fried Indonesian donut is something you would usually see on top of chicken rice porridge , diced into pieces at breakfast time. However at Tarragon, their Cakwe is flavored with cuttle fish, then deep fried very crisp and finally mixed generously in sweet mayonnaise. The combination of the crunchy crisp cakwe and the thick and cool mayonnaise is seriously mind blowing. You don't have to be a nutritionist to verify the amount of calories in this dish, so just be grateful that it was served in smaller portions compared to their other dishes.

Another Tarragon Special would have to be the Segobang Shrimp which was also featured in a famous culinary show which is why we were even more excited to try it. Basically, this is a shrimp roll like no other in a sense that the generous stuffing of minced prawns are just so flavourful and delicious, and when you bite into it you can see the thin rolled up layers of really feathery egg rolls. This starter is great as a snack and definitely as a starter to share.


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