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First Love Patisserie

sweet desert
sweet desert

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- There is no secret that Indonesian love their sweet desserts, and one of their most favorite would have to be the layered cake called Kue Lapis Legit which is not only delicious but is notorious as one of the most difficult cakes to bake. So when First Love Patisserie was launched in Jakarta it garnered a lot of attention as they claim that they were the layer cake from Hokkaido and the people here loved it as it is a cross from their traditional cake and mille-feuille.

Aside from the fact that they share some similar qualities, such as the layers and the fact they are 100% handmade, the major difference would have to be the texture of the cake where the First Love Patisserie’s is way more fluffy and light. Also the fact that they use real Vanilla pods instead an essence make a huge difference.

These cakes have at least 18 to 20 layers and the meticulous process takes up almost an hour to make each cake thus these cakes are not inexpensive, and rightfully so for those who has a refined taste or those who doesn’t even fancy a cake will arguably value this cake.

They also have a strict ‘no preservatives’ policy which means you have to consume these cakes 3-5 days after your purchased it and make sure you refrigerate it.

When you visit their store, you will get to choose various flavors from the original to green tea and even Oreo. If there are available stock you can but the whole cake on the spot, or else you have to order 2 days in advance to enjoy these delicious and unique cake.

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