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Come to Warung Si Doel Jakarta

Ahad 30 Jun 2013 07:06 WIB


Betawi Foods

Betawi Foods

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Flavour Bliss located in Serpong is one of the largest culinary centres in Tangerang, with over 30 restaurants and cafes spread over 6 hectares of land and one of the most original places to eat there has to be Warung Si Doel. Their concept is traditional Indonesian comfort food in a really cosy and open air setting that feels like you have just walked in to either a 'warung' or to an old colonial house. Their decor is white marble tables and Dutch colonial lantern lightings.

This open-air two-storey building serves up lovely Betawi street foods such as Soto Betawi, Asinan, Bakso and typical popular fare. They also serve snacks or cemilan such as Siomay, Fried Banana with Chocolate/Cheese, Otak Otak to name a few. But don’t get us wrong, aside from the local delicacies they also serve up a really good selection of Chinese influenced dishes of noodles and especially fresh seafood.

However we reckon that when you are in a Betawi themed restaurant, you should most definitely try their selections. The first thing that caught our attention is the Nasi Goreng Leiker Weice- this fried rice is served in a small wajan (wok) with the fried rice snuggled in a thin fluffy omelette. You also get generous sides of crackers and pickles. You can ask for extra spicey fried rice and we can agree why this has to be one of the favourite meals at this venue. The ingredients are very well balanced and the presentation together with the generous portion of this dish is ideal for a family meal.

Another great selection is the Lontong Cap Gomeh with chicken submerged in a fragrant coconut soup served with compressed rice cake and the multicoloured garlic crackers. One of the reasons that make this dish special at this restaurant has to be the savoury homemade sambal.

Overall this place serves really delicious local food at a very reasonable price. A must-visit place those who want to get reacquainted to the local comfort food.


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