Wednesday, 17 Rabiul Akhir 1442 / 02 December 2020

Wednesday, 17 Rabiul Akhir 1442 / 02 December 2020

Police give chronological of revival service dismissal at Sabuga Bandung

Rabu 07 Dec 2016 16:03 WIB

Rep: Zuli Istiqomah, Arie Arie Lukihardianti/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Harmony among religious believers (Illustration).

Harmony among religious believers (Illustration).


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG -- About 75 members of community organizations named the Defender of Ahlus Sunna (PAS) and the Islamic Propagation Council (DDI) tried to dismiss revival service (KKR) in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga), Bandung, West Java on Tuesday night. 

They urged the Christmas event to be dismissed due to allegation of violating the Joint Regulation Letter (SKB) of the Three Ministers No. 9 of 2006 and No. 8 of 2006 regarding of worship. "We did not forbid, only asking them to do worship in accordance to the regulation," Head of PAS Muhammad Roin said.

According to Roin, the organizer agreed to cancel the night session. The first session held at 13:00 untill 15:00 pm and the 18:00 pm session would be cancelled.

Meanwhile, Public Relations of Bandung City Police Commissioner Reny Marthaliana said before the service is held, mass already stated their objection. During mediation with the organizer at the Forum Religious Harmony (FKUB), PAS and DDI walked out after a deadlock.

Nevertheless, the service ran as planned. Under police protection, the service began at 10:00 am until 14:00 pm. "It went out smoothly as scheduled and the police guard the Christmas event," Reny said.

At around 13:00 pm, the mass from PAS and DDI came to Sabuga and voiced their rejection on the event. "At 14:00 pm, the organizer speak at podium and announced that they agree to finish the service at 15:00 pm. They promised to dissolve afterwards," Reny said in a statement received by

The service finally finished at 15:30 pm, but the organizer was still on the venue. The mass then asked the police to allow them oversee the room. "The two parties agree another 30 minutes for the organizer to clear up," Reny said.

Until 17:00 pm, the organizer did not show sign of getting out of the Sabuga building. Representatives of the PAS and DDI then entered the room and they asked to meet the well-known pastor Stephen Tong to explain the situation. "While they wait for the pastor, devotional singing voice was heard from inside the room. They then asked to cease the activity," Reny said.

At around 18:30 pm, the authorities met with the pastor and the two community organizations. All parties agreed the pastor got 10 minutes to give announcement to his mass. "They continued to pray and sing and it finished in 15 minutes, the mass asked them to stop. Police chief then took over the situation and stop the activity," Reny explained. 

Finally, the event completed at 20:30 pm. Congregation and members of PAS and DDI gradually left Sabuga in orderly manner. 

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