Tuesday, 3 Zulhijjah 1439 / 14 August 2018

Tuesday, 3 Zulhijjah 1439 / 14 August 2018

Bekasi names 8 cultural heritages as tourist destinations

Senin 23 October 2017 20:09 WIB

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The Bekasi People's Struggle Monument in GOR Bekasi, West Java, designated as one of the cultural heritage to be developed into tourism attractions.

The Bekasi People's Struggle Monument in GOR Bekasi, West Java, designated as one of the cultural heritage to be developed into tourism attractions.

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BEKASI -- The Bekasi Tourism and Cultural Office, West Java, has designated eight historical sites in the city as cultural heritages to be developed into tourism attractions.

"The historical locations were designated as cultural heritage sites based on Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi's decree that was signed last week," Bekasi Tourism and Cultural Office Head, Ahmad Zarkasih said in Bekasi, Monday.

The eight sites designated as cultural heritages include the Bekasi Traditional House in Kranggan, Jatisampurna Sub-district, which has already been inhabited by nine generations and is currently a meeting place for the local community.

Moreover, Kranggan's Twin Water Well, Stone Well in Sumur Batu, Bekasi River Monument, Bekasi People Struggle's Monument, Sharpened Bamboo Monument, Agus Salim Street Struggles Monument, and Gedong Papak or Papak Building were designated as cultural heritage sites.

"So far, eight sites have been declared as cultural heritages in Bekasi based on their historical background, considering the fact that Bekasi was one of the key zones during the revolution era as well as due to its cultural history for which they have been designated as cultural heritages sites," he said.

Zarkasih stated his side had already received the allocated budget worth Rp80 million to preserve the heritage sites.

However, due to constraints in the budget, which is considered too low to manage the eight sites simultaneously, his side has outlined some priorities.

"Only two sites -- Stone Well and Bekasi River Monument -- were chosen to undergo maintenance," he noted.

The Stone Well is believed to be a holy site by the people of Bekasi since the old times to cleanse oneself before praying. It is in dire need of maintenance; hence, it was given priority in the budget allocation.

Budget was allocated for developing the Bekasi River Monument as the first historical tourism site for the people and visitors.

"All these years, we have not designated these sites as cultural heritages for their tourism potential since they lacked the supporting amenities," he noted.

These locations should at least have parchments or other historical information that would make them historical sites, so the people visiting these sites would not just come to take pictures but also to receive valid information.

"Some other amenities needed include lavatories or meeting halls, but the most important is the information section," Ahmad said.

On a separate occasion, Bekasi Vice Mayor Ahmad Syaikhu remarked that the government will make efforts to allocate more budget for the cultural heritages' project.

"Hence, it will be able to maintain these cultural heritage sites properly and optimally," he said.

Syaikhu suggested that Gedong Papak or the Papak Building that was used as an office by several institutions could serve as a library.

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