Wednesday, 5 Zulqaidah 1439 / 18 July 2018

Wednesday, 5 Zulqaidah 1439 / 18 July 2018

Pendalungan Festival to showcase cultural identity of Jember

Jumat 01 April 2016 16:16 WIB

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JEMBER -- The Jember Culture and Tourism Office in East Java will hold the Pendalungan Festival this month to promote the cultural identity of the district, according to its spokesman Sirajudin.

"This festival aims to introduce the Pendalungan culture to the general public, including the tourists visiting Jember city and district," Sirajudin remarked here on Friday.

According to the spokesman, the event will showcase the culture in Jember as the district, known as one of the major tobacco producing areas in Indonesia, did not have an indigenous cultural identity.

He noted that most of the population in Jember District comprised Javanese, Madurese, Osing Banyuwangi, and a small community of Chinese and Arabic citizens.

The blend of Javanese, Madurese, and Osing communities in Jember finally gave birth to a new culture, known today as Pendalungan.

"Pendalungan is a blend of three major cultural influences in Jember --- Java, Madura, and Osing Banyuwangi --- but there is also the presence of Arabic and Chinese cultures," he pointed out.

Sirajudin noted that the festival will showcase the diverse cultures of the different ethnic groups in the district.

"School students will also be involved in the festival in an effort to introduce them to the Pendalungan culture since an early age," he affirmed.

Further, he added that the Pendalungan festival will also feature Can-Macana Kaduk, Campursari, Jaranan, and Reog art performances that had survived in the district of Jember until this day.

"With the Pendalungan festival, we hope the public, including foreign tourists, would be able to gain a greater understanding of the Pendalungan culture," he noted.

In the meantime, local Culture and Tourism Office Chief Sandi Suwardi Hasan remarked that more festivals will be organized to boost domestic and foreign tourist arrivals in Jember.

"We have prepared an inventory of some 19 festival events, including the Pendalungan festival, which will be held this year in our efforts to attract more domestic and foreign tourists," Hasan emphasized.

According to the chief, the number of domestic tourists arriving in Jember in 2015 reached one million, while foreign tourist arrivals were recorded at some seven thousand.

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