Rabu, 5 Zulqaidah 1439 / 18 Juli 2018

Rabu, 5 Zulqaidah 1439 / 18 Juli 2018

Fishermen forum in Jember supports Prabowo-Hatta duo

Sabtu 21 Juni 2014 23:56 WIB

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Prabowo Subianto

Prabowo Subianto

Foto: Republika/Adhi Wicaksono

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JEMBER -- The fishermen forum of Jember district in East Java province declared its support for presidential and vice presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa here on Saturday.

The Jember fishermen forum coordinator, Sulaiman, said a great number of fishermen hailing from the waters of Bandealit, Mayangan, Ambulu, Gumukmas and Paseban in Jember district declared their support for the Prabowo-Hatta pair.

"We support the presidential and vice presidential candidates who care about the fate of the fishermen and have a clear vision of the potential of marine-related development. Thus, we lend our support to Prabowo-Hatta," he disclosed.

To that end, the fishermen are willing to set aside some money from selling their fish to be donated to the campaign of Prabowo-Hatta in Jember district.

"The donations are given in accordance with the capability of each fisherman and without compulsion for the campaign, due to our love for Mr. Prabowo," Sulaiman said.

There are two presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs, Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa, Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla, who will contest in the July 9 presidential election.

The Prabowo-Hatta duo is supported by the Greater Indonesia Movement (Gerindra), the Golkar Party, the National Mandate Party, the Prosperous Justice Party, the United Development Party (PPP), and the Crescent and Star Party (PBB), with 292 seats or 52.14 percent in the parliament.

The Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla duo is supported by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), the National Democrat Party (Nasdem), the National Awakening Party (PKB), and the People`s Conscience Party (Hanura) with 207 seats, or 36.96 percent of the House of Representatives (DPR)`s 560 seats.

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