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Jumat, 6 Zulhijjah 1439 / 17 Agustus 2018

'Jordan is safe to be visited by tourist'

Kamis 27 Oktober 2016 20:39 WIB

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Gua Ashabul Kahfi at Amman, Jordan

Gua Ashabul Kahfi at Amman, Jordan

Foto: ammancity.gov.jo

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Jordan's Ambassador to Indonesia Walid Al Hadid has ensured that his country is safe to be visited by tourists, as Jordan is not affected by its geographical position, which shares borders with countries involved in the conflict. "Life in Jordan is always safe," Ambassador Al Hadid said at Jordan Tourism Board Business Dinner.

He said the misunderstanding that Jordan is not safe to visit due to its close geographical proximity to war-torn countries, such as Syria and Iraq are still believed by most people.

But in fact, there are no signs of civil wars or terrorism in Jordan because the state itself is actually located far from the conflict zone. "Although the capital city of Amman is located approximately 100 kilometers from Damascus, the capital of Syria, we have never experienced any incident due to terrorism or conflict," the Ambassador asserted.

Therefore, Ambassador Al Hadid invited Indonesians to visit Jordan and enjoy the beauty of the world's second largest Roman territory after Rome. The Jordan Tourism Board Business Dinner was held to promote Jordan's tourist sites for Indonesians, and strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

The Jordan embassy in Indonesia and the Jordan Tourism Board brought a number of travel agents from Amman to attend the event, where they could make deals directly with local travel agents.

Area Marketing Coordinator of the Jordan Tourism Board Afanah Z. Afanah said Indonesia and Jordan have very similar characteristics, so relations between the two countries are very strong. "Attitudes shown by the Indonesian people are very similar to Jordanians, especially in terms of the generosity and hospitality. The warmth felt in Jakarta is equally beautiful as what is felt in Amman," Afanah said.

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