Tuesday, 5 Syawwal 1439 / 19 June 2018

Tuesday, 5 Syawwal 1439 / 19 June 2018

First Lady talks about general election

Jumat 17 January 2014 17:31 WIB

Rep: Mutia Ramadhani/ Red: Yeyen Rostiyani

Indonesian Fisrt Lady, Ani Yudhoyono (photo file)

Indonesian Fisrt Lady, Ani Yudhoyono (photo file)

Foto: Antara/Prasetyo Utomo

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - First Lady Ani Yudhoyono expressed her hope a safe and smooth  2014 general election. She delivered it at the State Palace on Thursday while leading an annual gathering of the Solidarity of the Wives of the United Indonesia Cabinet (SIKIB).

"Hopefully the year 2014 which also as the political year can be passed safely and orderly," she said on Thursday.

Entering 2014, First Lady invited Indonesian citizens to participate in general election. She said that President also invited all citizens to show the world that the nation was a well established democracy.

SIKIB consists of wives of all ministers and officials in United Indonesia Cabinet I & II, which regularly holds annual gathering. The members are engaged in social and humanitarian activities. 


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