Monday, 4 Syawwal 1439 / 18 June 2018

Monday, 4 Syawwal 1439 / 18 June 2018

Local Wisdom Values ​​as Tools of Conflict Resolution

Rabu 19 April 2017 00:06 WIB

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Peta Indonesia.

Peta Indonesia.

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By : Wildan Nasution *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, One of the goals of the Indonesian nation listed in the 1945 Constitution is educating the nation and protects the entire homeland of Indonesia. Additionally, Pancasila is the foundation of the Indonesian state which is then translated through the Constitution; it needs to be understood by all the people of Indonesia in the running life of the nation. The values ​​of deliberation and consensus in society need to be a guideline for the community in resolving the conflict in the community.

Theoretically, the conflict has a positive side and a negative side, in that a conflict may occur between individuals and between groups. The positive side of conflict is the lack of progress and innovation, however, the conflict is also having a negative impact in the form of riots and destruction. Stages of the conflicts are the appearance of a conflict of interest, which affects the appearance of conflict of psychology, if it cannot reduce, it will lead to a very adverse physical conflict.

Therefore, one important task of central and regional governments are maintaining security and order in the running life of the nation, to continue to resolve any issues not to argue that ended with a dispute or conflict, but through a spirit of mutual cooperation and promote local wisdom as taught in Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

On the other hand, people are also expected to play an active role to jointly maintain conduciveness territory, so that development can run optimally. Heterogeneous composition of Indonesian society which is a feature of our common, therefore the entire community forums can be maximized by the Government or other stakeholders to detect and anticipate conflict.

As one example, the heterogeneity of the people in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra is one of the advantages of the Mentawai people; hence the motto "MusaraKasimaeru" which means together for the good can be a guideline for the community in carrying out daily life. In addition, people also need to promote tolerance as the key to maintaining the unity of the Mentawai region.

Local Wisdom

If translated in a simple, local wisdom consists of two words, namely wisdom (wisdom) or wisdom and local (local) or local. So, local knowledge is the idea or knowledge that is born from the local community in the running of life in the neighborhood.

According to Space (2009), local knowledge is an element of a part of the cultural tradition of a nation, which appears to be the parts that are placed on the physical structure of the building (architecture) and district (urban) geography of a nation.

Feature plurality of a community or region (geographical) an archipelago like Indonesia should be accepted as an objective reality that contains the potential for conflict. Source of conflict in a separatist conflict countries, among others, the seizure of natural resources, the issue of racial, ethnic, economic inequality, crime, unemployment, civil war, armed rebellion, politics, and so on. Indonesia has enough latent potential conflict, if not managed wisely can lead to disintegration, the potential for conflict between tribes, religion, race, class, regional centers, civil-military, government agencies or countries, Java and non-Java public authorities , and others. In addition, there are potential conflicts that characterize the implementation of regional autonomy, such as local intergovernmental conflict (about each other), a locally based folk power between conflict against government forces, government and conflict in the central government and so on. Generally, conflicts of identity in a society tend to be more complex, lasting and difficult to manage, and the conflict characterized by primordial difficult to solve because it is emotional.

The development of social media also needs to be monitored because of the sensitive issues that can lead to conflicts between communities and between groups, so that through the implementation of dialogue activities can increase awareness and knowledge of the community on issues that could potentially lead to social conflict. National issues that could potentially lead to conflict in the Mentawai region such as child abduction issue and the issue of radicalism can be resisted by the inter-communal tolerance strengthen the unity with reference to Musara motto or slogan Kasimaeru in Mentawai more developed in accordance with the values ​​of local wisdom respective each region. 

Among the local wisdom that has existed since the first, and still maintained until now, among others Dalihan Natolu (Tapanuli), betang (Central Kalimantan), behave Braya (Bali), Mutual Jot and Mutual Prohibition (NTB), Siro yoingsun, Ingsun yosiro ( East Java), Alon-alon kelakon origin (Central Java / Yogyakarta), Basusun Sirih (Malay / Sumatra) etc. Tradition and local wisdom that still exist and prevail in society, has the potential to be able to encourage the desire to live in harmony dandamai. That's because local tradition wisdom essentially teaches peace with each other, the environment, and God.

It is very precisely resolve the conflict by using local indigenous or local knowledge as long as it is already entrenched in society. Therefore, local knowledge is something that is already rooted and usually not just a mere profane oriented, but also the sacred oriented so that its implementation can be more quickly and easily accepted by society. In the local culture of conflict resolution is expected to be quickly realized, acceptable to all groups so that there is no longer a hidden latent conflict in society.

It is expected that the council was to optimize the values ​​of local wisdom respective area through design of the law the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples, in the draft law will protect the entire community both indigenous and immigrant communities in the area.

The National Police will continue its efforts to promote guidance and protection to people in order to appreciate the local prevailing wisdom, however, if the problem cannot be resolved then it will go into the field of law enforcement. The policy pursued by the police such as proactive policing strategy, promote coordination and synergy, prevent intolerance, and provide decisive action against intolerance.

Law enforcement officials and security forces and the community needs to play an active role of society to be more sensitive to potential conflicts in society, therefore the community is expected to synergize with government officials to provide information about potential conflicts. Strategies that police acted to prevent conflict is by mapping the potential for conflict, but in case of conflict it is necessary to stop with the synergy with all relevant agencies, thus forming a peaceful dispute settlement system.

This condition can be implemented on the ground if there is no mutual trust or the trust between the community, law enforcement officials and security forces, so that social capital is important to continue to maintain the harmony and solidity of them with all the parties not to hurt or not degrading even not underestimate the other party.

*) The author is the observer of Political and Security issues. Senior researcher Strategic Intelligence Center of Risk Assessment (Cersia) Jakarta.

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