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Senin, 4 Syawwal 1439 / 18 Juni 2018

Wary of the Revival of the Communist

Jumat 17 Maret 2017 03:18 WIB

Red: Agung Vazza

Waspada Bahaya Komunis: Pengunjuk rasa membentangkan spanduk berisi penentangan terhadap komunisme (Ilustrasi).

Waspada Bahaya Komunis: Pengunjuk rasa membentangkan spanduk berisi penentangan terhadap komunisme (Ilustrasi).

By: Arif Rahman *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, The communist movement today depends on the situation, which in certain situations will arise. It should be recognized early signs of revival communists in Indonesia in various circles is that there are rumors that many current PKI cadres who have entered the parliament should be watched and their goal this time will erase MPRS decree No. 13 1966. Recognized or not recognized that this phenomenon has become a reality after the reform era of excessive has removed their "Litsus" which is very powerful in the New Order era communism nursery ward.

To turn the understanding, the communist currently performing such propaganda various media and form. In fact, the rise of communism in Indonesia also suspected as one of the "proxy war" to undermine Indonesian evidence silent movies and others are talking about communism won the film festival at the international level. These symptoms must be observed jointly by Indonesian youth.

However, the communist ideology is a kufr law, and forbidden for Muslims embraced them and for adherents with confidence and awareness of the disbelievers and no legitimate marry and marry Muslims, there is no inheritance corpse and it is unlawful for the corpse to be prayed in Islam.

Associated with communism, all kind of ways to get a win or even supporting the separatist terrorist acts are the ways of communism so easily accepted by various groups of people, especially those who are secular-minded, liberal and religion understanding are very minimal. Therefore obvious reasons Islam reject communism because it is different from the teachings of Islam.

Therefore, the threat of the rise of communism in Indonesia is not a trivial thing, so it should be a resistance or precautions intensive tirelessly through Tabligh Akbar, discussed the rejection of communism, make regulations that forbid supporters of terrorism to rise again, and the government should never recognizes the locations of mass graves that supposedly is the grave of victims families group of former PKI members and friends that some locations such tomb supposedly in Semarang, Brebes and in Bali "taken care of" by the local government to clean up and leave the marker at the grave site, where this is a wrong step. 

According to one cleric who became speaker in the event Tabligh Akbar "Wary Rise of Communism" in Masjid Ramadan Griya Shanta, Malang, East Java, which was organized by the Forum Ukhuwwat Inter Takmir Masjid Malang, Forum brotherhood Youth Islamiyah and Institutions Takmir Masjid Ramadan Malang dated March 11, 2017, at this time we must be aware of the possibility of a new treason of the communists.

There are might some facts that we must be cautious at this time is as follows emergence of political parties and NGOs that are clearly raised symbols leftist popular movements; Multidimensional crisis when this happens is conducive conditions that foster the communists; Horizontal conflicts that recently occurred in the wake of the political elite conflict appeared provide opportunities for them to infiltrate and treason; Many leaders of the Indonesian communist who was hiding outside the country might return to their homeland and often make a move "self-cleaning" and some even attempt to make a documentary that is one of them former PKI members who live in Sweden are located in one of the districts in West Sumatra. Although the making the movie failed because of the refusal of society. In addition, any attempt to manipulate history using various mass media forums, social media and a variety of other ways including discussions discuss and support the communists in several universities in Indonesia.

The government together with all the Indonesian people needs to believe that this time the communist has risen and systematically lead to the formulation of the resurrection. Responding to this, the signs of the revival must do resistance both constitutional and cultural structures.

In addition, the need for a solution that is massive, systematic, structured and sustainable to counteract the rise of communism as well as forming a unit of action to counter the rise of the communism by involving all elements of society.

To the Government of Indonesia, the Indonesian people always hoped that President Jokowi and their staffs in order to be alert to the movement of subversive activities of foreign ideology communism, even if the need to strengthen and extend the status of decree ever issued where the Presidential decree states PKI and coat the organization as a party banned in Indonesia.

*) The author is a researcher at LSISI, Jakarta. Live in East Lampung.

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