Friday, 7 Zulqaidah 1439 / 20 July 2018

Friday, 7 Zulqaidah 1439 / 20 July 2018

Al Maidah 51 convolutes Ahok (2)

Senin 24 October 2016 12:19 WIB

Rep: RR Laeny Sulistyawati/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Nasihin Masha

Nasihin Masha

Foto: Republika/Daan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Because Ahok comment on Al Maidah verse 51 has entered the political realm, Ahok's supporters defended him. This was the serious impact of Ahok's speech. People were attacking each other at the social level. We were grateful Ahok has apologized, though it was quite late. His statement on September 27 has angered the people the next day but he had apologized on October 10. The apology was made through a doorstop interview with reporters.

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This was Ahok's statement:

"I convey to all Muslims or people who feel offended, I would like to apologize. I don't mean insulting Islam or the Alquran."

He also said, "Since I was a little...You can see ... I don't want brag it... we help the permit on Islamic schools, how many licenses we've been issued, including Indonesian Smart Cards (KJP) to Islamic schools, including built the mosque. You could have seen my actions, have I ever hostile Islam? I do not want to harass the Alquran. So I apologize for this noise."

He continued, "In my experience, since 2003, I always found similiar brochure. That is why I memorized it quite  well." He said," To all those who became troubled, noised, because of me, I would like to apologize ... Do not talk about religious commentations. It's sensitive. Because even the people of the same religion could interpret it differently. Very well, I'm sorry for that."

And if you look at the survey data, it clearly showed Muslims' support to Ahok. Based on data from the Lingkaran Survei Indonesia (LSI), 27.7 percent of Islamic voters chose Ahok. While Anies Baswedan and Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono only supported by 22.8 percent and 20.6 percent of Muslim voters. There are still 28.9 percent of Muslim voters who are undecided.

Let's compare it with the non-Muslim voters. Majority of them vote Ahok, as much as 83.3 percent. Compare with Anies and Agus were each only got 2.8 percent and 3.2 percent. Only 10.7 percent of non-Muslims undecided.

Data Populi also has similar result of survey. Ahok supported by Muslim voters. He won 42.5 percent. While Anies and Agus each gets 25.3 percent and 16.8 percent. The Protestant and Catholic Jakartans vote for Ahok with a total of 80 percent and 82 percent.  

A total of 0 percent of Protestant voters and 11.8 percent Catholic voters supported Anies, as well as 10 percent Christian voters and 0 percent Catholic voters for Agus. Muslim voters still undecided 13.2 percent, while Protestants and Catholics respectively 5 percent and 0 percent undecided.

In politics, it was reasonable if minorities tend to be solid in submitting their aspiration and it occurred in many countries. But the data also showed that the Ahok always get biggest votes from Muslim voters from both surveys.

It showed Ahok can be accepted by Muslims, and at the same time also showed inclusiveness and pluralism of Muslim attitudes have become an inherent part in the values of Muslims. It was an ordinary phenomenon in societies to have a small groups with different stance. But they were not Geert Wilders or Donald Trump as political leaders in their respective countries.

Greatness of soul, graceful, honesty, and gentle heart in seeing the difference should be the basic character of the head and leader of the nation. A leader, even only one person, who could not control his words might have triggered a great impact on grassroots level. We hope that the norms of democracy, inclusiveness and non-discrimination be the basic nature of the life of the nation.

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