Kamis, 18 Ramadhan 1440 / 23 Mei 2019

Kamis, 18 Ramadhan 1440 / 23 Mei 2019

Plan to transfer Ahmad Dhani to Surabaya prison is cancelled

Rabu 06 Feb 2019 20:07 WIB

Rep: Idealisa Masyrafina/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Ahmad Dhani

Ahmad Dhani

Foto: Dok Republika
Inaugural session of defamation case involving Ahmad Dhani to be held on Feb 7.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SIDOARJO - The transfer of hate speech convicted Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo had been canceled. Previously, he was planned to be transfered to Surabaya Class I Detention Center in Medaeng, Sidoarjo, East Java from Cipinang Prison in Jakarta, on Wednesday (Feb 6) afternoon.

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Correctional Division Head of Law and Human Rights of East Java Office, Pargiyono explained that Dhani was scheduled to attend inaugural trial of hate speech in video of 'Banser idiot' in Surabaya District Court (PN) on Thursday (Feb 7).

"We get a call from the Surabaya District Attorney that the person concerned (Dhani) is not going to be transferred today," he said when confirmed at Surabaya Class I Detention Center, in Sidoarjo, East Java, on Wednesday (Feb 6).

Dhani was scheduled to depart for Surabaya on Thursday morning to attend the inaugural session at Surabaya District Court. "I don't know whether he will go back to Jakarta after the trial, we are still awaiting the determination of the Surabaya District Court," he said.

Pargiyono explained, in accordance with existing regulations, if later Dhani was placed in the Surabaya Class I Detention Center, there would be no privilege for the suspect. He assured that Dhani would be treated like other prisoners.

"He will be placed in the block of detainees after going through the introduction of the environment," he said.

Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo was reported to the East Java Regional Police regarding cases of hate speech through social media. Dhani was charged with the Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) Law related to this case.

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