Jumat, 7 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 14 Desember 2018

Jumat, 7 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 14 Desember 2018

Govt committed to create skilled labor: Jokowi

Sabtu 08 Des 2018 01:15 WIB

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President Joko Widodo

President Joko Widodo

Foto: Ardiansyah/Antara
Govt has increased budget allocation realted to human capacity building.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- As a commitment to creating skilled labor, President Joko Widodo's (Jokowi's) administration has increased budget allocation related to human capacity building. It was used especially for education, health, and social protection, in the 2018 State Budget.

Data from the Office of the Presidential Staff revealed that budget allocation for the development of human capacity, i.e., the health budget, has been increased, from Rp49.38 trillion in 2014 to Rp65.01 trillion in the 2018 State Budget, according to a statement received in Jakarta on Friday.

Education budget has also been increased, from Rp126.31 trillion in 2014 to Rp147.56 trillion in the 2018 State Budget, while the social protection budget increased, from Rp120.34 trillion in 2014 to Rp162.56 trillion in 2018.

Jokowi had earlier stated after visiting the Yogyakarta Aisyiyah University in Sleman Sub-district on Thursday that his visit was aimed at observing matters related to capacity building. Aisyiyah is a Muhammadiyah women's autonomous organization founded on May 19, 1917, by Nyai Ahmad Dahlan, wife of the founder of Muhammadiyah KH. Ahmad Dahlan.

"We wanted to review matters related to the development of human resources and the strengths that are already there. This is in the context of a big plan going forward," Jokowi noted.

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