Friday, 7 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 14 December 2018

Friday, 7 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 14 December 2018

Opening of Lumine's Japan to provide added partnership value

Jumat 07 Dec 2018 20:00 WIB

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Rachmat Gobel

Rachmat Gobel

Foto: Republika/Agung Supriyanto
Lumine Japan opens its first store in Indonesia.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Indonesian President's Special Envoy for Japan, Rachmat Gobel, has expressed hope that the opening of an urban concept retail outlet from Japan, Lumine, could bring added value to the partnership between the two states. He explained that the opening of Lumine is part of the commemoration of 60 years of Indonesian and Japanese diplomatic relations.

"However, this is not just to strengthen political relations, but also the other fields that have an added value," Rachmat remarked during the opening of the first Lumine outlet at Plaza Indonesia here on Friday.

According to him, the added value was obtained through the collaboration between craftsmen, designers, and the activities of micro, small and medium enterprises in Indonesia with Lumine, a Japanese retailer that has 13 outlets in the country and two outlets overseas.

Rachmat said the opening of Lumine's first store in Indonesia could provide the momentum to strengthen collaboration in the creative industry between young entrepreneurs from the two countries.

"Lumine's main target is young people or the millennial generation. Another added value from this outlet is that the younger generation of the two countries can later work together," Rachmat said.

In addition to its potential as a vehicle for collaboration, the president's special envoy also conveyed that Lumine's presence in Indonesia served as a learning vehicle for Indonesian people to understand Japanese fashion trends, lifestyle, culinary, and urban culture.

The Lumine outlet at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, marks the second branch of the retail store outside Japan. For its first store in Jakarta, Lumine Leader Yoshiaki Arai said there were around 20 local workers who received training and were employed at the outlet.

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