Jumat, 8 Rabiul Awwal 1440 / 16 November 2018

Jumat, 8 Rabiul Awwal 1440 / 16 November 2018

Ustaz Haikal Hassan says Habib Rizieq not arrested

Kamis 08 Nov 2018 15:57 WIB

Rep: Muhammad Subarkah, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Tawheed flag installed at the wall of Habib Rizieq Shihab in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Tawheed flag installed at the wall of Habib Rizieq Shihab in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Foto: sugito atmo
Habib Rizieq lawyer's does not know the source of photo and news on the arrest.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA --  Ustaz Haikal Hassan denied the rumor over the arrest of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Grand Imam Habib Rizieq Shihab in Saudi Arabia. He said, it was a vicious slander, which carried out by irresponsible people.

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“For the sake of Allah SWT, if i have said this, so Muslims should believe. I can say if Habib Rizieq is in safe, healthy, and in peace condition at his residence in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and there is no arrest against him. Please correct the rumour that circulated, it’s not true,” ustaz Haikal said on Wednesday (Nov 7).

According to ustaz Haikal, as a free person, Habib Rizieq can go anywhere. He felt weird when his friend moves or travels anywhere constantly become a highlight.

“This is weird, as free person if he wants to go to police office, immigration office, and even mall and mosque, why is it so noisy? How could then it’s related to other issue, it’s obviously a slander,” ustaz Haikal explained.

Ustaz Haikal suspected there was a black intelligence operation to Habib Rizieq. He referred to the photos spreaded on social medias.

Earlier, there some photos showed Rizieq was walking and behind him there was Saudi Arabia police. He was rumored to have been questioned due to alleged tawheed (Laa Ilaha Ilallah, the oneness of God) flag installed at the wall of his residence in Saudi.

Habib Rizieq’s lawyer, Sugitomo Atmo Prawiro did not know the source of the photos. However, he suspected there were certain people who deliberately spreaded the photos.

In addition, Sugitomo believed there were people who put the tawheed flag at Habib Rizieq’s residence in Mecca. He said the perpetrator can be anyone.

“It’s weird because Habib Rizieq’s residence is closely monitored by Saudi Arabia security officers, so it’s impossible if there is a photo of tawheed flag in front of the residence without being noticed by anyone,” Sugitomo said.

Previously on Monday (Nov 5), Ministry of Foreign Affairs received complaints from a number of parties on the arrest of an Indonesian national named Muhammad Rizieq Shihab (MRS) by Saudi Arabian authorities in Mecca. Indonesian consulate in Jeddah then was asked to trace the information.

"Based on the tracing, we have confirmation that MRS was questioned by Saudi Arabian authorities in Mecca," spokesman of Foreign Affairs Ministry Arrmanatha Nasir said in a written statement on Wednesday.

According to Nasir, Habib Rizieq was questioned upon a report filed by Saudi national whose saw a flag similar to ISIS' flag installed at Habib Rizieq house in Mecca. Foreign Affairs Ministry the gave assistance to Habib Rizieq.

"The Consular Function Officer of the Indonesian Consulate in Jeddah has provided consular assistance to Rizieq Shihab as given to all Indonesian citizens who face legal problems abroad," he said.

Foreign Affairs MInistry confirmed that Habib Rizieq was allowed to return to his residence by Saudi authorities at around 20.00 local time.

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