Saturday, 20 Safar 1441 / 19 October 2019

Saturday, 20 Safar 1441 / 19 October 2019

Jokowi to declare his running mate name soon

Rabu 08 Aug 2018 15:15 WIB

Rep: Dessy Suciati Saputri, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Joko Widodo

Joko Widodo

Foto: Republika/ Wihdan
Jokowi invites coalition parties to discuss his running mate, tonight.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will gather his coalition parties general chairpersons to discuss registration of 2019 presidential and vice presidential candidate. Nevertheless, the location and time of the meeting have not been mentioned.

“The meeting will be held tonight, but we still don’t know the time yet,” said United Development Party (PPP) general chairman Rohamurmuziy on Wednesday (Aug 8).

When asked about the announcement of Jokowi’s running mate, Rohamurmuziy said it will be conveyed on Thursday (Aug 9). Meanwhile, the registration will be done at General Election Commission (KPU) on Friday (Aug 10) at 10.00 WIB (Indonesia West Standard Time).

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Earlier, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung said Jokowi has plan to invite and gather general chairpersons and secretary generals of the supporting political parties, According to him, the meeting will be held on Wednesday (Aug 8) or Thursday (Aug 9).

Pramono also hinted that declaration of Jokowi's running mate will be done one day before registration. Regarding the vice presidential candidate, he only mentioned that the figure could be accepted by all people.
“Jokowi’s running mate will be announced one day before registration because general chairpersons and secretary generals of the supporting political parties must sign it first,” Pramono said.

Jokowi’s currently was supported by nine political parties, bamely, Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), Golkar Party, Nasdem Party, PPP,  National Awakening Party (PKB), Hanura Party, Perindo, PKPI, and PSI.

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