Tuesday, 18 Sya'ban 1440 / 23 April 2019

Tuesday, 18 Sya'ban 1440 / 23 April 2019

Police have split #2019GantiPresiden, #DiaSibukKerja route

Selasa 01 May 2018 07:00 WIB

Rep: Arif Satrio Nugroho/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Participants of #2019GantiPresiden movement hold a banner at Hotel Indonesia Roundabout during Car Free Day, Jakarta, Sunday (April 29).

Participants of #2019GantiPresiden movement hold a banner at Hotel Indonesia Roundabout during Car Free Day, Jakarta, Sunday (April 29).

Foto: Republika/Iman Firmansyah
Police will examine whether incidents during Car Free Day meet criminal elements.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Police deplored alleged intimidation incident experienced by Susi Ferawati and her son when attending political movement to support reelection of President Joko Widodo at Car Free Day area, Jakarta, on Sunday (April 29). According to the police, they have called on the mass of @2019GantiPresiden and #DiaSibukKerja to restrain from clashing.

National Police Public Relations Division head Setyo Wasisto said the police also have tried to separate the two groups. One of the groups was directed not to pass by Hotel Indonesia Roundabout while the other was allowed to be in the area.

However, some of the people who wear t-shirt with hashtag DiaSibukKerja walked through the crowd with opposite political preference. Susi along with her son and a man named Stedi were one of them. They allegedly intimidated by some men who wore #2019GantiPresiden t-shirt.

"Our personnel have called on the women and men who were left behind to the group of #DiaSibukKerja to not walk through the opposite group of people," Central Jakarta Metro Police Roma Hutajulu said on Monday.

He would evaluate the situation and investigate the case of alleged intimidation to see whether it met the criminal elements.

On the other hand, Susi admitted to have no intention to deliberately walk through the contra group. The Jokowi's sympathizer claimed unaware of the mass of #2019GantiPresiden in the path she was about to crossed.

"I did not think that the people with black t-shirt would also came from Sudirman area," she said.

Susi said she was left behind her group because she had to acompanied her son to a toilet at Pullman Hotel in Hotel Indonesia Roundabout area.

Meanwhile, Stedi claimed he was trying to help Susi. The Jokowi's volunteer was resting alone at police post when seeing Susi and her son surrounded by people who wish to have a new president in the 2019 election.

"I also tried to save myself from the crowd who pushed me to take off my  t-shirt and waved banknotes on my face," he who wore #DiaSibukKerja t-shirt said.

Both Stedi and Susi have filed a report to the Jakarta Metro Police headquarters on alleged intimidation on Monday (April 30) afternoon.

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