Sabtu, 8 Zulqaidah 1439 / 21 Juli 2018

Sabtu, 8 Zulqaidah 1439 / 21 Juli 2018

Amien Rais' statement not referring to specific party: IKAMI

Selasa 17 April 2018 13:18 WIB

Rep: Ali Mansur, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Amien Rais

Amien Rais

Foto: RepublikaTV/Havid Al Vizki
IKAMI believes Amien Rais's statement not intended to cause sense of hatred.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID,  JAKARTA -- Indonesian Muslim Advocate Association (IKAMI) secretary general, Djudju Purwantoro commented on police report against National Mandate Party (PAN) Honorary Council Amien Rais. Amien was reported to Jakarta police related to his comment about God's party and devil's party.

"IKAMI needs to convey legal opinion that Amien's statement about God's party and devil's party is not referring to any particular party, but it may applied to many parties," said Djudju on Monday (April 16).

IKAMI assessed the statement was not intended to cause a sense of hatred, hostility, and to divide the groups of individuals and communities. IKAMI believed that Amien's statement was not a criminal act as stipulated by Article 28 paragraph (2) Law No.19 / 2016 on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE).

Djuju assessed Amien was teaching the religious community through his statement. He said in this world, there will always be a group that is wrong or right.

Djuju said there was no misuse or desecration of a religion in Amien's statement. Thus, the allegation to Amien was irrelevant. Djudju said Amien's explanation was an enlightenment done by a scholar and academic, and it was a science.

"(Amien said that) For the sake of the public interest, thereby based on Article 310 paragraph 3 Criminal Code, the criminal act subsides, Djudju added.

Earlier, Cyber Indonesia chairman Aulia Fahmi reported Amien to Jakarta police due to his statement that consideed against the law. Aulia said the statement pitched provocation and potentially to divide the Indonesian people who have been living harmoniously.

"We see dichotomous efforts, provocative efforts that bring religious nuance while we both know that our country is Pancasila State and based on the 1945 Constitution," said Aulia.

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