Saturday, 8 Zulqaidah 1439 / 21 July 2018

Saturday, 8 Zulqaidah 1439 / 21 July 2018

Jepara people stage demonstration against erotic dance show

Senin 16 April 2018 15:37 WIB

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Anniversary celebration of a motorcycle club in Jepara, Central Java.

Anniversary celebration of a motorcycle club in Jepara, Central Java.

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The erotic dance show held by a motorcycle club on Sunday.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JEPARA -- Dozens of people from various elements of the society in Central Java Provincial District of Jepara, held a demonstration to reject pornography on Sunday. They criticized an erotic dance show at the Kartini Beach during a birthday celebration of a motorcycle club on Saturday.

Demonstration of the Jepara residents was held at the Kartini monument area with a banner reading "Reject pornography in Jepara" as well as a number of other posters reading "We reject the porn stage", "bitter gift to 469th anniversary of Jepara", "do not pollute the earth of Kartini", "Jepara women cursed (the pornography) and save our children."

In addition to the oration, the protesters also raised the signatures in support for rejecting the action of pornography before the public in Jepara District.

Meanwhile, chairman of Kartini Indonesia Foundation, Hadi Priyanto here on Sunday regretted very much the occurrence of pornographic event on the Kartini beach on Saturday (April 14) which is not worth watching. The (porno) action is contrary to the spirit of emancipation and equality aspired by RA Kartini, Hadi remarked.

Raden Ajeng Kartini Djojo Adhiningrat or known as R.A Kartini, is known as one of the national heroes who is known to be striving for women's emancipation during her life. "We also regret the presence of erotic dance performances that happened coinciding with an event when Muslims were celebrating the national holiday to mark Isra Mi'raj," he noted.

He considered the event being included in violations of pornographic regulations and legislation that could cause widespread unrest. That (pornography) show did not educate at all for the families, especially children and future generations.

According to him, freedom of expression does not mean doing as much as possible without respecting the common view and public ethics.

The (porno) event is feared to be bad for Jepara tourism. Moreover, tourism became the main focus of the Jepara District administration, he added.

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