Friday, 7 Zulqaidah 1439 / 20 July 2018

Friday, 7 Zulqaidah 1439 / 20 July 2018

188 Indonesians facing death sentence overseas: Govt

Selasa 20 March 2018 15:12 WIB

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Death sentence. (Illustration)

Death sentence. (Illustration)

Foto: Republika/Mardiah
Of the 188 Indonesians, 148 are facing death sentence in Malaysia.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- As many as 188 Indonesian citizens are facing death sentences overseas for their involvement in several cases, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated. Director of Indonesian Citizens Protection at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lalu Muhammad Iqbal revealed during a press briefing here on Monday that there had been 583 cases of Indonesian citizens facing death sentence in 2011-2018.

"We have freed 392 of them from death sentence, while three have been executed, including Zaini Misrin, and the other 188 are still on going," Iqbal said.

Being freed from death sentence does not mean that they are entirely free from penalty since some of them have to serve in prison.

Of the 188 Indonesians, 148 are facing death sentence in Malaysia, 20 in Saudi Arabia, eleven in China, two in Singapore, two in Laos and one in Bahrain.

Except those facing death sentences in Saudi Arabia, few of the Indonesians facing death penalty overseas are migrant workers, Iqbal said, adding that most of them have been involved in drug trafficking cases.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia alone, there have been 102 cases of Indonesians facing death sentence since 2011.

As many as 79 of them had been freed from death sentence, and three had been executed.

Twenty Indonesian are still facing death sentence in Saudi Arabian court, Iqbal said.

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