Kamis, 7 Syawwal 1439 / 21 Juni 2018

Kamis, 7 Syawwal 1439 / 21 Juni 2018

Stitches found on Indonesian migrant worker's dead body

Senin 12 Maret 2018 17:00 WIB

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A migrant worker found dead in Malaysia. (Illustration)

A migrant worker found dead in Malaysia. (Illustration)

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Family suspected the stitches was a sign of theft of human organ.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID,  KUPANG -- Several stitches were found over the body of Milka Boimau, an Indonesian migrant worker, who died in Malaysia. The finding shocked Boimau's family when they examined her body on arrival in Kotabes Village, East Nusa Tenggara, on Monday.

According to Boimau's brother, Saul, the stitches were found on his sister's body, right from the neck to the lower abdomen. It is suspected that it is a case of theft of human organs.

The family strongly protested any procedure to be carried out on Boimau's body, as no permission had been taken from the family.

"We do not know much about these stitches, but we will address this issue and report it to the authorities to investigate," Saul noted.

Saul opined that an autopsy should be conducted on the body of Boimau following a notice from the hospital or the Indonesian embassy to the family.

However, the family only received a letter stating that the female worker had died of asphyxiation that needed no autopsy.

Boimau was one of the two Indonesian migrant workers originating from East Nusa Tenggara, who were found dead in Malaysia.

Based on information received by the Indonesian Migrant Workers Placement, Protection, and Monitoring Agency Kupang, Boimau passed away in Penang on Mar 7 due to chronic lung disease, while Mateus Seman, the other male worker, died of heart failure on Mar 5 in Tawau.

Both of them had illegally entered Malaysia.

According to the agency's records from Jan to Feb this year, 10 Indonesian migrant workers originating from East Nusa Tenggara had been found dead in Malaysia.

Last month, Adelina Lisao or Adelina Jemirah, an Indonesian migrant worker, was also found dead on her employer's porch in Penang, Malaysia. She had reportedly been tortured and inhumanely treated by her employer.

Following the incident, Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Rusdi Kirana said he had proposed a moratorium for sending domestic workers to the neighboring country.

The employers -- a 60-year-old woman along with her daughter -- had been charged by the Malaysian prosecutor over the death of Lisao earlier this month.

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