Minggu, 10 Syawwal 1439 / 24 Juni 2018

Minggu, 10 Syawwal 1439 / 24 Juni 2018

24 smelters begin operation in 2017

Jumat 12 Januari 2018 05:35 WIB

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Nickel mining. (Illustration)

Nickel mining. (Illustration)

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry stated that 24 smelters have begun operation in 2017, of which 15 of them are nickel smelters and refineries.

Others include four iron smelters, two bauxite smelters, two manganese smelters, and one copper smelter, the ministry's Director General for Mineral and Coal Bambang Gatot Ariyono said here on Thursday.

The number of mining product smelter is expected to increase in the near future, as some smelters are currently under construction, he stated.

A data of the ministry showed that the facility for nickel smelting and refining would be the majority in Indonesia.

At least 15 more nickel smelters would be operated soon, with construction progress for three of them ranging between 50 to 100 percent, and for 12 others ranging from 0 to 50 percent.

"Majority are nickel (smelters). For nickel alone, no less than 30 smelters have been built," Bambang added.

In addition to nickel, four companies have established bauxite smelters, with progress of 0 to 50 percent, and three companies have built lead and zinc smelters.

Iron smelting and refining facilities have been built by two companies, and two companies have built copper smelters.

"In total, there are at least 50 companies that have built smelters for six commodities, most of them being nickel," Ariyono revealed.

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